May 8, 2013


cha cha & mom

Today, while putting together arrangements for a special Mother’s Day treat at work, I realized just how fast the day is approaching!  It really is one of those holidays that creep up so quickly, that I often end up racking my brain to find something special to send to my own Mum. Something undeniably her, that it’d end up putting a smile on her face & score me major points in the daughter of the year category. A few years ago I was at my best when I scrambled together an album/scrapbook filled with pictures and memories of her life before marrying my Dad. It was something I had built, and cut and glued and sweated over for days and once done hated parting with.

This year, while I do have a long list of possible gifts and special perfumes and gadgets I could pack away in a box and ship away; nothing appears to be measuring up. This round, I’m blaming it on age. Age & time are mimicking whispers & advising me to replace these things with declarations on gratitude and appreciating the very presence of a person; of family above all else money can buy. And in this case, my Mum…the gratitude of having her in my life is immeasurable. How do you package and ship this?

I’ve talked about Mum before on this blog, and thanks to this book you can read a bit more about our sordid history on FRO and acceptance. But this past weekend as I sought a way to deal with an emergency that was so beyond my reach that it was literally thousands of miles away in a hospital room, and no amount of cell phone calls and long talks with that spiritual compas could calm unspoken fears; I  needed a way to express that gratitude beyond just words.

& because Mother’s Day is this very Sunday, I thought I’d give it a shot.

Any mommies or devoted daughters out there? what are you doing to celebrate?

May 7, 2013

Sneak Peak: FroLush


I began writing a post on Fro’s latest adventures complete with an obnoxious array of hair pics from every.which.angle. But, alas. iPhoto has called my bluff and refuses to bow down. Therefore, the interim spin will have to be this quick pic I took on instagram along with a the one single shot I managed to retrieve from my files over at the FB page.

It’s been real for a minute. Happy for the ragged ends to be gone (3 inches, whew!), but not quite used to wearing the straight do. Complete post on new regimen, must have products to fight the frizz, and the play by play in the salon chair experience. In the meantime, new name for Fro? yay…nay?

May 6, 2013

[on a positive note]


“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.” – Melody Beattie

I’ve had this quote tacked to my office station for about a year, recite it as my mantra at least once a day & rely on it to keep me grounded. Gratitude, no matter the life circumstance leads to an immense amount of clarity. Particularly on those mornings when the difficulty of getting out of bed and ushering in another grind it out week is enough to make you crawl back into bed. Lest you need another reminder what getting out of bed and pursuing those passions will get you…

Make it a good one…


May 5, 2013

Lush’s H’Suan Wen Hua Conditioning Treatment


There appears to be this on going debate as to whether pre-poo treatments are in fact necessary. Can applying a moisturizing concoction to hair strands prior to cleansing make any difference? If your hair’s been put to the test, is strung out, dried out, and overworked from the winter chill, I’d venture a guess and say yes!  Then again, walk into any Lush store across the continents and rest assured you’ll find the most attentive, convincing associates who have no qualms convincing you as well.

Over the past few years, I’ve managed to have zero will power when entering a Lush store. The incredibly happyish staff, the yummy smell of Gorilla perfumes & bath bombs with cutsy names like Tisty Tosty and Phoenix Rising. I dare any beauty girl to exit a Lush store with nary a sample of freshly handmade goop. It can’t happen.

H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment (pronounced swan-wen-waa) is one in a family of hair treatments from Lush that I’ve introduced to FRO when strands are in need of major intervention. In this case, it’s a battle of dry and brittle ends. Nestled in this wee pot is a mixture of eggs (protein juice) fresh organic avocado, extra virgin olive oil (moisture & shine) & cinnamon oil (not sure what this does, but so necessary cuz this stuff stinks).

Yes, the smell is….well, it takes some getting used to, though the benefits had FRO feeling & looking better. Before the poo, strands felt soft, and smoother around the ends…which was the intended goal. Hair food for strung out curls that are need of long overdo TLC are a necessary tool in any girl’s beauty box, I don’t care what you reach for. Will I use again. Yes. Funky smell and all.

May 4, 2013

Chai’s Picks! 5 Favorite Blogs

When I first began blogging over six years ago, rarely did I glance or ‘follow’other bloggers. Granted, the landscape was drastically different compared to today. Social media, big brand interventions and the speed at which we digest it all is enough to make you weary! But these days, to hunker down and pick a few favorites seems like such a task. Realistically? There are massive amounts of awesome bloggers & creatives doing their thing in the digital realm. Today, I share 5 that I adore & turn to continuously for some uplift, inspiration and to be reminded of why we do what we do.


LOVE. LIFE. EAT.  – I sincerely cannot think of a single blog I turn to as religiously as I do this. Felicia has a miraculous way of spilling the story of her travels and food adventures on the page so as to force you to face your own Q&A’s on life. I turn here to remind me of the craft of blogging and why it’s important  to sanctify your space, be it in the social media realm or behind a brick wall – guard it.

PARK & CUBE - Writer & graphic designer Shini Park is London based & covers everything from fashion to food to some freaking amazing DIY projects. A girls girl, her style always leaves me envious and scouring the webs for ways to pull of a smilar look.

All the Many Layers – I’ve been a fan of GG’s writing circa her old stomping ground, The Write Curl Diary & this new venture feels almost like kismet.  A writer who yearns to “give you tools to navigate your life with grace and guts,” you are immediately tempted to put in the work of becoming your best self after reading.

Oh Joy! - I’ve lost count as to the mounting designer-esque blogs in my feed & on the webs, but  Joy Cho’s efforts leaves a smile on my face each time a post goes live. Bloggers who remain innovative while humble are such a treat!

Party Over Hair - (okay, how cute is this name!) A new favorite add to my Feedly list, L has turned POH into a natural hair & lifestyle blog that’s incredibly informative. & an honest confession? It’s refreshing to see fresh and useful content on a blog devoted to natural hair.

I could really go on with the Blog Lovin, but if you guys have a few favorite daily stomping grounds, do share.

May 3, 2013

Hello, Weekend!

Hands down. The best part about this week? This here video by the crazily talented pair Janelle Monae & Mama Badu. How many times you s’pose we play this before the weekend’s out? I literally sat with jaw dropped after watching a few days ago. The sheer force and creativity of these women always amazes me. Anyhoot, I digress (but only for a minute) to say that a woman is nervous about a certain scheduled trim this weekend, but ALSO doubly excited for the incredibly beautiful weather expected. NOTE: There may be pics taken and sporadically posted on that Instagram thing of said trim. On to links for the weekend…!


Dinner for Lazy People | Red Wine Caramel Popcorn (Vegan + Gluten free) | Mouthwateringly good Elote Fritters for your Cinco de Mayo

Women Leaders of the World

 That high-achieving women experience social backlash because their very success – and specifically the behaviors that created that success – violates our expectations about how women are supposed to behave. Women are expected to be nice, warm, friendly, and nurturing. Thus, if a woman acts assertively or competitively, if she pushes her team to perform, if she exhibits decisive and forceful leadership, she is deviating from the social script that dictates how she “should” behave.

Have I mentioned my love of challenges? Here’s an easy one for the Spring cleaning. The 7-Day Vegan Challenge

I linked to this a few weeks back. Interesting to read the aftermath. The Problem with the Dove Real Beauty Campaign 

Turn your hustle up a notch 50 Online Business Ideas for Female Entrepreneurs

BK fun – Spring Handmade Cavalade | Target First Saturdays at the Museum, with a Jesse Boykins performance

Love this series from Carol’s daughter, “The Curl” – Our ladies search for the perfect moisturizing oil!

Bangs are looking real sweet after seeing these pics

RiRi’s Ursula Stephen to open up a Hair Salon in the BK! The streets are bout to be paved with glitter & hair!!

Moment of Pause:

What do you wish someone had told you when you embarked on your path of something new?

When you are observant and aware of how your experiences can impact your life or career you are more capable of making solid decisions on how to move forward. Your gut is your guide, follow it.

Bloggers take courage, life is what you make it. Gabbi’s Swimsuitforall Collection drops May 15th!

Stuck in a Rut? 8 Ways to Shake up Your Life. NOW!

A reminder for your everyday (printed out, and pinned to my wall)

3 Reasons Why Natural Skin Care Products Can Transform Your Skin