August 2, 2013

Hello, Weekend!


There really was something distinct in the air yesterday as the calendar ticked to another first of the month, & the collective soon realized; that while summer is thankfully still here – it will not last forever. Well dang. “How can it be August 1st already?!” Can we all just agree not to waste much more time thinking about how quickly these months will soon past, but rather live the days that are left – fill them with light, love and of course, pudding (seriously, this exists)! So this weekend I’m making a deal with the self to head back to the water,  read up on my latest book pick, wind down with a few friends, and clean a much too neglected BK nook called my apartment. Tons to read through before we let on…!

Great info for my soul stirrers Accidental Creative

Quite possibly the best idea for campers. or renters…you choose!

For my Lady Hustlers 10 Ways to get out of your freelance rut. Favorite Tip!

5. Email your friends and family. No one will know to recommend you if they don’t know what you’re looking and/or available for. (You know how your mom just assumes you know exactly what she wants all the time, but she gives you no verbal indication? Ya, you are doing the exact same thing if you don’t TELL PEOPLE what you do and what you are looking for.) Email your family and friends simply letting them know the services you offer and what type of clients they can recommend to you. Also, provide them a link to your website. They love you, they want to help you.

This Avocado Alfredo Pasta | These Raw Almond Butter Cups are incredibly easy to make

Sseko shoes are cutesies!

I have been coveting this bag for weeks!! Seriously the softest leather bag you will find. & oh! the colors

Your guide to interacting with an introvert

: New Music love:  Emily King – The Seven

Cute & easy DIY project – Wooden Beaded Tassle Necklace | Can we even call this a DIY? Too awesome. - How to fold a shirt in 2 seconds.

I’m currently still torn between how much of our lives should be displayed in the social sphere, but this caught my eye. Write in Private.

Still looking for alternatives to the now defunct Google Reader? Pocket this

The most interesting links are found on the Twitter. Like The Period Store

the PJ in me is currently stalking: Rosemary & Cedearwood Hair Treatment + an easy natural hair up-do that’s way too cute

You’re invited! Monday 8/5 Krystal from blog, The Feisty House will be hosting a “Wear Your Hair in Style Event,” that sounds pretty awesome. Will I see you there?


Have a great weekend…!!

August 1, 2013

NEW Shea Moisture Color System (this is so not a review)


A few weeks ago while in New Orleans for the ESSENCE Festival, a few colleagues and I stumbled into one of many pop-up stores that had made their way down to the Big Easy to mingle with customers. So when I realized we’d come across the Shea Moisture store, I hightailed it inside to scout some discounts and peruse the barrage of goodies!

I can subtly feel myself getting longwinded, so if you’re ready like me to cut to the chase? – a woman took home a box of the new Shea Moisture Color System (at $10 bucks a pop!), grew giddy with excitement over the mere idea of colored curls for the summer, only to come home from a loooooong working trip, have gracious neighbor (hi neighbor!) color her curls deep into the midnight hours, only to wake up on a crisp Monday (yes, I had work that day) morning to find that, the color? Did not take. Better yet, it failed miserably to hold hands with any of my strands and brighten up my days.

(Sorry, this is not a review)


I guess you can say I’m a bit salty, though not at the new line itself. Like any good beauty writer/product junkie would do, I scoured the internets for reviews & tidbits of info on the new system. I found tons, and gorged my little eyes on many before committing to the idea of hair color again.

So what happened? Well, here’s what went wrong (and feel free to take notes as to what NOT to do when coloring your natural hair).

1.  Access how much color your will need, particularly if you’re choosing to color at home. It certainly does help to gauge (and not be cheap) how many boxes of color you will need to cover your entire head. Got shrinkage? Your hair just may need 2-3 boxes of hair color. Trust. ME. Think honestly about  a) the length of your hair & b) the thickness of it to absorb the color.

2. Do a Test Strand. Common sense, no? Well. I did not do this. I have colored FRO in the past, and knew that she took quite well to color. But after leaving the Shea Moisture Color System in my hair for 45min-1hr (I do not recommend that you do this. In fact, try to ignore that I just wrote that) my gracious neighbor laid it out for me. It ain’t working. For reference, you should typically leave color in your hair only up to 30 min.

Overall, not a complete bomb, Okay yeah, no it was. But over the past few days I’ve been fishing for compliments about my “new hair color,” only to be asked to, “stand in the light,” also known as. Girl, you need a do-over.


Which is what I intend to do. No, this is not a review – but a heeeeed that I am still a woman with a plan & the summer days have still to be played.

Wait, so what did I like about the new Shea Moisture Color System? Well, here’s what you get!

Color Creame/Developer Creme/Latex Gloves/Applicator Brush/Raw Shea Retention Shampoo (trial size)/Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner (trial size)/Raw Shea Reconstructive Elixer

I really do love how it’s a complete kit with the inclusion of the Shea Moisture Shampoo/Conditioner lines. But needless to say ( I would hope), all hair types, textures, lengths, densities are NOT the same, therefore many of us are quite liable to have results that range quite a bit from success to subpar results. Either way, I’m quite proud at the attempt.

Have you guys tried the new line? Thoughts? Longwinded or not…

July 30, 2013

You Should Meet: Designer Sofia Berger


I was completely blow away by the redesign efforts of Sofia Berger’s DIY home. Recently featured as a home tour on Apartment Therapy, Sofia’s digs are in the spacious dwellings of Bed Stuy Brooklyn.  Her style? “Traditional meets classic modern with vintage and rustic elements.”   There’s so much more to oggle and fawn over by clicking here. & to witness the before pics, click on over to her Facebook Page.









July 29, 2013

Morning Kickstart! The Green Juice


A few months ago a few co-workers & I embarked on a juice/raw food cleanse to test some of the latest programs on the market (click here to read up on our adventures!). The goal? to recharge our bodies and challenge our minds to think more healthy in terms of our food choices.

Fast forward to today, and the biggest surprise that’s come out of our adventures is my newfound love for healthy juicing. Okay, so some may say that the latest trend is all green and pressed juices, but as a woman who always turned a blind eye to any kind of veggie juice since the time her parents force fed her beet and carrot juice? Bottom line, is that I like what I like, and most juices today are relative to a person’s lifestyle, tastebuds and body needs. Their really is a juice (or smoothie) for every tastebudder.

Now, I often cary a queasy stomach with me in my everyday, and my daily juice of choice not only jumpstarts the metabolism, but it gives you a great amount of energy in the mornings.

Chai’s Recipe for Daily Kickstart Juice:

  • 5 sprigs of full Kale leaves (tons of calcium)
  • 1 lemon (skin removed)
  • 2-3 Granny Smith/or Red Delicious apples (depending on how tart you like)
  • 2 good chunks of fresh ginger (Anti-inflammatory, boosts immune system, even eases menstrual pains)

This really does taste quite delicious, so much so that I often have in the mornings on the way to work, and pick up a 2nd helping on the way back home. Not a fan of green juice? I still say give this a go. It tastes similar to a yummy healthier lemonade, and your tummy will thank you.


Do you guys juice? What’s your favorite go-to recipe?

July 29, 2013

on a positive note & getting over old fears


Would you believe me if I told you that this past weekend I completely demolished an old fear I had of drifting off into the ocean? This bad blogger has zero pictorial proof to show for it, but on a whim a friend and I took to the waters down by Brooklyn Bridge Park (Meca for all things free & fun) and hitched a ride on a kayak. I had such an amazing time! Not to mention this fear I’ve had of the open water for some time; I was filled with joy after stepping off that wee boat.

Blogger guru Sarah over at Yes & Yes accomplished a similar feat & wrote about it here!

Fancy a bit of adventure in the coming weeks? Kayaking is free throughout the summer down by Pier 1 & 2 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. & more importantly, it’s FREE!! I’m such a huge advocate when it comes to taking part in local activities, so for my NYC’ers (BK heads included), get to it before these warm months make their exit.

Make it a good one…

July 25, 2013

Store Crush: Boo + Boo Factory


My obsession with color really does go back a ways, I’m thinking 2nd grade in Ms. Barland’s class doodling away, concentrating with a burning intent to ‘stay within the lines.’ Even at an early age, I was under the impression that mixtures of color and patterns breathed new life into anything it came into contact with; it helped me to see the world ever so clearly! So after stumbling onto boo + boo factory some time ago, I felt a bit of kismet back to those young memories. I love everything in this shop!

**AND speaking of color, a woman took to her home and tinkered with a box of Shea Moisture’s new Color System. The good, the bad…and all else TK!