March 19, 2013

Adieu Google, Hello, Feedly!


Let’s be real, change is pretty much the one and only constant in the age of internety/social media things, just ask Facebook. So it really came as no surprise to hear Google’s announcement that they are doing away with the STILL much beloved Reader. How many of you guys currently use Google Reader? Are you pissed? I’ve heard a ton of mixed reactions across the board, but wanted to reassure you that the link to many of your online destinations, including this one, is still within reach;).

For the past four years I’ve been using Feedly to source my online RSS addiction, and pray that it doesn’t serendipitously crash with everyone converting over the next few weeks. Wait….so what is Feedly? Pretty much the easiest way to organize, sort and enjoy much of your favorite blogs and sites anywhere. While I loved the premise of Google Reader, the interface was beyond janky and left me seeing spots. Could never stay on for more than 10 minutes without taking a break.


Once I discovered feedly and was finally able to avoid the muck and enjoy simplicity, I began to enjoy keeping up with my internety peeps. Plus, it’s just so much prettier!


I’m able to download the app (for free) onto my web browser, smartphone and even tablet, making catching up with the latest news a lot easier.

Heck, options are still great right? NewsBlur is another great alternative. Google Reader will bid adieu on July 1st, so plenty of time to transfer your RSS. Click here for a quick Feedly walk through & here to learn more about NewsBlur and other geekery options.

March 18, 2013

Fresh New Routine – Olden Twists

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to post pics of FRO in her most easy peazy style, two strand twists. Our routine? Changed slightly over the past few months.







What we’re using to get the job done these days:

Changes that we love? The ‘scalp situation’ is miraculously under CONTROL!! FRO has officially fallen head over for a women named Camille (will share full deets in another post!), & sealants/smoothers are (and should be) BFF’s to every natural haired femme.

Okay, so what hasn’t changed? Our grab and go method of twisting under 2 hours. Proud to say, still doable. Holding onto a bit of length over the past year, so it’s taken a bit of practice to beat the clock. Sadly…and I do kind of mean this emphatically, but much of that ‘length’ must eventually go. In the midst of a crazy work schedule and trying to latch on to remnants of a so-called life, this thing called a ‘trim’ has never materialized. Honestly, 2-3 inches gotta go, and I can’t wait to be rid. Unhealthy ends are a beast to camouflage, get entirely in the way of a proper detangling session…and have seriously caused me to pout once discovering a plethora of single strand bomber knots.

March 18, 2013

[On A Positive Note]

It’s Monday, and a thought came to mind a while back to, rather than antagonize the hell out of it’s existence (because let’s face it, most of us do) opt instead to celebrate the fact that many of us have come full circle again. This is me saying, bring it. Be it a crazy, hectic, life altering, doozy inducing kind of week, mixed in with a good dose of awesome; the fact that we are here to do it all again, is continually amazing.


Don’t worry about how slowly you feel you’re heading to your dreams, or how many roadblocks you find, or detours you need to take, you’re still cruising far ahead of everyone who’s too afraid to even try. - Karen Salmansohn

Make it a good one…

March 11, 2013

The NEW World of Curls


So, there’s this thing happening. Right? You’re now able to walk into pretty much any retail/beauty/pharmacy/Tarjay today and be inundated with products marketed towards keeping curls & kinks layed, frizz free and defined. I love it. Still get excited, and am beyond thrilled each time a (affordable) new brand decides to enter the ring and even out the playing field.

Isn’t it about time?

Last month I had the chance to see just how much the game has changed after attending the official launch of Dark & Lovely’s new line Au Naturale line. With the evening co-hosted by Curly Nikki, and what seemed like a gajillion natural haired femmes descending on the streets of New York, the stage was set for women to officially have their voices heard.

In this month’s issue of ESSENCE Magazine, I talk to the brains behind the new line, get the scoop on the changing landscape; and also pick the brain of one of the few who pioneered the game, Jane Carter.


Loved this behind the scenes commercial video featuring one of my FAV new naturalistas and fellow blogger, Hollis. Check it out!

February 4, 2013

Love it, or Leave it



This weekend found me hibernating, answering e-mails, re-watching the last eppie of Scandal (OMGEEEE…#whoshotfitz), washing FRO, acquiring a taste for Kombucha, watching Bey run the world, and realizing it’s never too late (thanks to GG).

Also woke up Sunday morning, turned down an invitation from a good friend to hang out because, well. FRO needed some TLC. Does it realistically take most of the day to wash, condition & style a head full of curly madness? Yes. Does it ever get any easier explaining this to others who can’t seem to grasp the importance of sulfate free cleansers? Yeah….no.

But you love it all, don’t you? For me, there is no alternative;).