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June 6, 2013

By Way of Brooklyn

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I fell in love with By Way of Brooklyn a ways back when I’d click on a link and jaw drop in awe at the beautiful creativity. A transplant herself, Sarah Kim & her talented team, photographer  Minnow Park and Evan Gubernick transform the stories of those who live, work and play in the borough into a work of art. Literally. From L.A. to Florida to the boogie down Bronx, click over to see more who’ve found their way.

May 17, 2013

Chai’s Length Check + Trim Results

The photo program I use to hoard and process all pictures for this blog has been giving me the finger for the past week or so, therefore I hunkered down and did my best to bring you guys a video showing the latest trim results + length check.

The basics of what I’ve been using to keep the frizz at bay pretty much came down to the bare basics:

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Oil – Used in the morning to smooth away frizz, and that is pretty much it. I find that the more product usage, the less chance you’ll be able to style your hair they way you love, for a longer period of time. The less is more definitely does apply if you’re planning to rock your curls straight.



If you guys have any questions on where I got my trim, or heat damage related questions, I’ll be addressing those in another post, along with pics!

January 21, 2013

Winter Scalp Problems Solved + Vid



I’ll be honest with you guys, I fully didn’t realize it was winter “winter”  here on the east coast until my scalp began showing signs of unbelievable dryness & flaking. Yessir…stuff you do not necessarily like to admit to dealing with. And yet when the cold winds attack your precious curl cargo, preventative measures must be in place.

I’ve talked about FRO’s scalp situation in the past, and while I have a looooong list of remedies and DIY at home concoctions I can easily whip up, lately I’ve had Carol’s Daughter Lisa’s Hair Elixer on the brain. Watch the video below to see how I use and why I’ve returned to this yummy oil to sooth my scalp!

January 20, 2012

Happy Weekend + New Santigold

Thank You’s + Followups are certainly in order here before we kick off this weekend!

  1. Thank You for the incredible response and positive feedback on the new newsletter! You guys rock & I’m excited to whip up something fun & fancy!
  2. More deets on next month’s BTC anniversary ‘thang’ will go out on Monday (thanks to those who e-mailed, I see you;)

In the meantime…peep THIS video. Yo. Santigold. come claim your crown!!

I admire innovators, originals, and those who just strive for their own kind of awesome. Happy Weekend, All!

November 16, 2011

Video: Twist-Out Takedown

Hey guys! I’ve been in an experimental sort of mood lately, and because of the downpourish weather we’re having here on the East Coast today…I uploaded a quick video on how I take down my twists for a regular twist-out! The fact that I mustered up the patience to edit this is just…*pats self on back.* I recorded early yesterday morning before heading out for the day, so pardon the pre-dawn haze. Not sure how I even managed to go over 5 minutes doing this…but I digress.

Last night I attended a preview event for the upcoming line, Beautiful Tresses and was counting on Fro to behave….which she did, even in light of a few early showers. Also had a few other errands to run that day, including a job interview so in the end I managed to clip the hair away from the face and rock a mini pompadour look.

To style I used Roots of Nature Mango Oil & CuPuacu Butter Whip Oil Cream under ‘ol regular EO Rose Conditioner. Fro decided to take longer than usual to dry, so damp twists were accounted for….still managed to make it work! I’ve got a full recap and low-down on the new Beautiful Tresses collection to come, as well as a review of the CuPuacu Butter Cream.

If you have questions, comments on what I did in the video, drop em down below…!

June 3, 2011

Enso Naturals Giveaway Winner!!

Thanks to everyone who joined in on this last giveaway! & the Winner is…*DRUM ROLLS*


Send me your addy info & we’ll have your goodies shipped out with the quickest!

Hope you guys have a FAB weekend, check out this latest clip from the black cab sessions. The artist is Lianne La Havas & really diggin her sound.