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August 28, 2009

Natural Enthusiasm

the-september-issueHaven’t seen the sun all day. Boo. This nasty rain has taken over the sky & I’m once again biding time before heading out.  The September Issue opens today in limited release, and I’m soooo excited to run out and see it! I purchased tickets yesterday, because in a city like NY…you just never know.  So later this evening I’ll be tucked away in a dark theatre enjoying the wails and trials of both Anna Wintour and the FAB Andre Leon Talley.  Try to think, ‘A Devil Wears’ Prada come to life and you’ve got the makings of this documentary that follows the editors of Vogue Magazine as they gear up for the ‘bible,’ a.k.a., The September issue.

There’s always a takeaway from most documentaries, and what I’m banking on is some natural entertainment as well as an inside look into the makings of a success story.  I admire Ms. Wintour’s moxie and determination to make Vogue magazine what it is today, and while the majority of us are still in the throws of this great recession, inspiration to follow your dreams and aspirations is much needed.

So it’s going to be a day of fun….and Youtube! I’m catching up yet again on some of my fav youtubers and their product reviews; I did stumble upon MANY new channels with fantastic natural ladies offering great advice.  But on a day like today with it’s gloomy ways…it made me smile when I came across this lovely lady.  Her excitement is nothing short of contagious, and if you’re a product junkie…or just someone who enjoys the prospects of getting packages in the mail, you’ll no doubt appreciate her enthusiasm.

Check her out!

August 27, 2009

Natural Exploration


“It’s just one of them days…that a girl goes through…”

The date is set, circled and highlighted on my calendar, both at work and at home.  October 9th, Chris Rock’s Documentary ‘Good Hair’ opens in select cities, October 28th nationwide, and I along with a handful of friends will be front and center.  This will probably be the first time in a loooong time I might actually consider buying popcorn at the theatre to enjoy, because the anticpation and excitement really has me going! I’m beyond thrilled to be one of the first group of ppl. to see this documentary & hopefully the world will speak up by going out and supporting the cause. 

With a big name comedian such as Chris Rock frontlining this project, national publicity is the norm.  The whispers began when the film first premiered at Sundance several moons ago, and today….TODAY…the whispers are turning into leveled bouts of banter across the table.  The media is picking up steam as the film nears it’s release date, capitalizing on what’s often kept private and reclouse in the African American community.  The blogosphere has firmly weighed in, taking the conversation on natural tangents that, while uncomfortable, need to be discussed. 

The New York Times weighed in with the article, “Black Hair, Still Tangled in Politics.”  While the article does an adequate job in touching on the topic of the inner politics of natural hair within the black community, the stars of the show are the commenters, some taking sides…others willing to explore the deeper meanings behind the idea of “good hair.”

For some, the battle lines are drawn.

But in recent interviews, a number of people of color expressed a weariness with the debate. They asked, essentially: Why can’t hair just be hair? Must an Afro peg a woman as the political heir to Angela Davis? Is a fashionista who replicates the first lady’s clean-cut bob really being untrue to herself?

Defintely well worth the read!  Click here to read the full article.  And don’t forget to skim through the interactive feature with several black women giving their two cents!


Our fellow Bellla over @  highlights another pretty sensitive topic in hot debate over at the Racialicious blog, “Are curls the new straight hair?”  If you’re hip to a lot of the birth control commercials out their with the ‘token’ black girl or the face wash commercials with the fair skinned ladies washing their face and smiling for the camera…you may have a hint as to the root of this discussion. 

The writer’s perspective is that of a German born/raised woman, but her experiences are culturally relative to many others who’ve tackled issues of hair texture/type/curl. 

Over the next weeks everywhere I looked, be it the streets of my city or most of he few female black German TV-presenters – it really seemed that nowadays the fly mixed or black girl hast to have curls. Generous, semi-loose curls that is, tight enough to give you the volume but loose enough to be considered beautiful in a more mainstream way.

Head over to the the blog and join in on the chatter by clicking here.

Both articles are well worth the read for varying reasons,  yet it was Afrobella’s response, “A Curly Conundrum,” that spoke directly to me:

I love to see natural hair in all its diverse and beautiful forms, from loose spirals to tight z shaped kinks, dense and thick to silky and sproingy. Every time I’ve been told by a bella on the street “I love your hair! But I can’t go natural because my hair isn’t like that,” I take the time to let them know:

  1. I once thought the same of my hair and honestly didn’t know what my texture would be until I gave it time myself, and
  2. the point of going natural isn’t to achieve a certain look — or at least that SHOULDN’T be the point. The point is to embrace your hair as it grows from your head, to keep it healthy and strong, and to learn to work with it in a way that’s relatively stress free and enjoyable.

I think hair should be an extension of your personality. An expression of self. So I always want my hair to be happy, healthy, a little wild, and free. Just like I always want to be.


What I’m in love with at the moment is not necessarily the controversy surrounding these debates, but the actual discussion…the talk and sparks that sort of fuel the passion of women of ALL communities involved.  While skimming through all articles and blog posts at work today…the undenying factor that shouldn’t be ignored, is that people have a voice and it is important for that voice to be heard.  Whether you’re Asian/German/African American/Nigerian/Somalian/Caucasian…the boat takes us all to the same place, we’re all swimming in the same waters.  Our roots/heritage are undeniably different, and our struggles vary from person to person…yet collectively self acceptance is our main goal.

Whether you’re natural/relaxed your voice does count, let it be heard by speaking up;-)

August 4, 2009

Tagged: Ten Things about Moi


Yeah! I’ve been tagged by the fabulous Alice over at Diary of a Kinky Curly Transitioner! Who is also a regular contributor of the newly revamped Coil review! If you haven’t already checked them out, please do! Knowledge, info…and product reviews!!

And I think it’s only right that for my 100th post I tell you guys:

Ten Things About Me!

  1. I am a Sagittarius
  2. I say that I’m a Sagittarius, but can never really tell you what that means:-(
  3. I kinda like baseball. Yeah, my older brother was a little league sport and I was hooked as a kid. (GooOOOOO YANKEES!)
  4. I have an older brother who’s two years older than me, though we look TOO much
  5. I’ve lived in NY all my life and can’t see myself living anywhere else…
  6. Even though I’ve lived here all my life…I secretly desire to live in Paris, or somewhere where cobblestone streets are the norm
  7. I’m a bookworm…always have been. Hence the field I work in. ( I will throw a book at you if you want me to;-)
  8. I’ve BC’d 2 ½ times in my life. First in college, second time was after I cut off my locks, and the third after my heat damaged fiasco involving a not so savvy stylist. Hrrmph!
  9. I have secret aspirations to one day publish a novella of some kind…maybe a young adult novel.
  10. I have pet peeves up the waZZOO! Men/Women wearing socks with sandals (whaaaa…!!) Men’s cologne (can’t stand for some reason), leaving a calendar on May when we’re actually in AUGUST. Delivery folks who ask for tip…subsequently when I do hand over the tip they grimace and curse me under their breathe (we’re in a recession people!). Men thinking they’re better drivers than women. The underuse of the word ‘Thank You’ these days and the grace to actually mean it.

Alrighty,time to TAG!

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August 2, 2009

Has This Happened to You…



So, I’m back on the Youtube patrol after my brief hiatus, seeking out vids on natural hair, and what I’m finding is a real….HUGE  resurgence in what’s out there for the natural hair community!  Afrobella did a post relative to this topic just yesterday over @BV Hair Talk (LOVE that she’s our go-to gal on this site), and I think it’s just soooo timely & necessary to give these ladies their proper due.  They work it each and every time they get in front of that camera to inspire and motivate all naturally/curly/kinky ladies.  What Ayana addresses in this video is  a plague on all curly haired/kinky coiled ladies out there, yet she reminds us what’s really important in the end.  Anywho, what I found I’d like to share…


Press Play;-)

July 23, 2009


How to Be Fierce

How to Be Fierce


The blogs are a buzz….Twitter is over capacity (but what else is new), Michelle Obama’s new do has been pushed aside entirely because Solange Knowles decided to shed some pounds by using some shears.  If you don’t know what the big deal is, chances are you’ve never done it, are curious as to why someone would…or envious that she looks amazingly beautifully sans hair.  So, is hair really just…hair?  Obviously not.  For the love of all that is natural…refrain if you can from calling her, crazy, stupid, narcissistic, retarded, ugly, selfish, clueless, crying out for help…’bald is beautiful’ is hardly an argument,… it’s a given.  A better question to ask is…how does it feel to be so liberated?  Where can I get me some of that confidence?

May 28, 2009



When I first began this blog in the beginning of the year, I was desperately in need of an outlet to funnel some creative energy.  Nothing terribly substantial…after all, pumping out product reviews and outlining my hair regimen isn’t exactly the greatest channel for creative fun…but it was right for the time.  A dam sort of burst allowing me to finally say…it’s alright…really it is, to just talk about hair, beauty products and whatever is on your mind.  So what if there are numerous other blogs, sites & forums touching on the same topics you are…at the end of the day it just feels good to be a part of the machine rather than have to work against it.  I can only speak for myself…but to those who do read this blog, comment…or even host your own space of hair lovin, beauty sharin fun…the good vibes are truly something special.

On the same token…once you do decide to blog and open up your thoughts to the world, countless other influences will eventually seep in…some good…others bad.  Personally, I tend to focus on the good…simply because it makes more sense this way, and also I’m able to move towards my goals at a much faster pace….change comes quicker and much more clear.  But in order to keep moving, it’s always a good idea to actually have a goal in mind…even if you can’t see the finish line…envision it.

Thankfully, the good that’s been seeping in has given me a set of new eyes…ones that are a bit more focused.  I made a list back in January of to-do’s for my hair…I also purchased a datebook/calendar to keep track of that whole ‘new year, new you’ bandwagon feeling.  Honestly, I’ve done good…yet know that I can still do better.  Cutting back on heat has been fair…nary a hot comb or blow dryer has gone near my head! The ‘poo’ has been kept ‘low’ or ‘no’ for the past couple weeks…& my scissor happy stylist and I have bid adieu.


Time for  a new list!


I’ve always been the high priestess of change over the years and frankly…I miss feeling a sense of liberation with my hair/style. I could blame it on my 9-5, corporate new life…yet I’m reluctant because it feels like a cop-out.  With the blessing of un-official Summer this past weekend,  I snagged an itch to change it up a bit.  A lot of folks call it the restless syndrome…you come bursting out of hibernation, full of energy and more anxious than ever!  Yesterday while looking in the mirror…I was thinking a cut…a new shape…new color?  All possible…I’ve never been too scared of the scissors, length is always good, but for some reason has never been a said goal.  I’m still hesitant to pay anyone to cut my hair these days…funds have been short and it takes time to find someone you trust with your $$ and hair.  Color is ALWAYS an option…and Summer practically demands a girl to accessorize with some kind of hue.

Over the next couple weeks I do plan to focus more on my scalp issues…and by focus I do mean fix this thing that’s been a problem for faaaaar too long.  Applying a bentonite treatment in 90 degree temps last week sort of renewed my ambition;-0! Aside from this blog, I’ve been jotting down rinse recipes that have amazing healing properties for the scalp and hope to revive the mixtress in me soon enough.


Looks are important…yah, and I’m feeling a bit brighter these days… change is also in order…at least for the blog, so look for a new ‘look’ in the coming days;-)!  I don’t have a ‘Spotlight’ to feature this month because nothing interesting has caught my eye, so instead I’ll be doing a giveaway! Tommorrow I’ll round up my PJ’ness and post the gist;-)