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July 21, 2012

7-Day Natural Hair Refresher Course

Turns out I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys. Yeah, it’s been a while since we canoodled in this space so it’s totally my fault for under sharing, but alas…I’m here to confess. Fro & I have both set out to tackle unchartered territory, something we’ve secretly found comfort in after reaching a milestone in this natural hair journey thang. Turns out, this 7-day hair affair that often seems like an anomaly when it comes to natural hair, has quietly become our only way to cope with an unpredictable work schedule + social life. For serious, it’s not just a ‘thing,’ it’s our weekly practice that has benefited the overall health of Fro. We’ve recently hit a pretty nifty length goal!! (separate post to come!)

So once upon a blog, I laid out a few tips & tricks on how I’m able to hit the 7-day plateau. And while not much has changed in terms of technique, the PJ fingers have reached for a few new goodies to help with the routine. But because I’ve already told you the goodness of the Pooka, I will lay down a disclaimer and shout to the high heavens….that a butter of this consistency may not be your natural hair’s bestie during the summer months. FRO ADORES this butter, may it be high July or bone cold December. She’s thirsty year round for some buttah and hair spritz. In moderation? Yes. For a slather session?…No bueno.

What I do find is that I’m using my fav butters quite less, maybe even just about half the amount that’s often necessary to maintain moisture, but still nonetheless using quite regularly. A great alternative, especially for fine haired naturals that must avoid heavy tings such as this, is the Jane Carter Nourish and shine. If you’re looking for a a hair goodie that will treat dry hair (and skin!) and offer the kind of shine curls crave, reach for this. It’s non-heavy, non -greasy, and smells pretty amazing. Did I mention you can find the entire Jane Carter line down the fancy aisles of Tarjay these days?!  Sales abound here on the regular, so keep eyes peeled. You’re welcome;)

Hair tricks aside, if you’re bent on avoiding the grease monster this Summer…avoid STYLING the hair with a butter based product, and stick to a water based moisturizer. I try to maintain the moisture during the week with my fav oil based products, and rely heavily on water based products to add moisture on wash day. Added benefit? You significantly reduce any buildup in the hair leading up to wash day. #Win.

8-Day Hair!!

I’ll be sharing a few new adjustments to Fro’s routine in another post, including a length update!

June 30, 2012

Meet Me in the Big Easy…

They say the living is easier…and yummier the farther south you go, so because it’s Summer and escapes are a necessary function to LIVE, I’ll be heading to Nawlins to take part in many a festivities, with natural hair being the main focus!

Thursday, July 5th from 7-10pm – Curly Nikki and Mizani will host a fancy evening of natural hair fun filled with giveaways, product demonstrations and tons more to keep you entertained. Click here to RSVP

Friday, July 6th & Saturday, July 7th 1-5pm - Motions will host a Style Bar where natural hair lovelies will get to mix & mingle with special celebrity guests (including MC Lyte!), learn about products from their latest collection and have their Q’s answered by celebrity hair stylist Ursala Stephen. Click here to RSVP

Friday, July 6th – Sunday, July 8th noon-4pm - African Pride, not to be outdone, will be partying it up big with three days of hair pampering  and learning at their Pop Up Beauty Suite. Take a peek backstage with the new inveiling of Curly Cam, a new show hosted by natural hair guru Kimberly Walker where viewers can have inside peek at what goes down behind the scenes of some of your favorite hair shows & beauty events. Click here to learn more and to RSVP

I’ll be bouncing from the ESSENCE festival to a few of the events listed above, so hope to see some of you there!! It’s been a minute since I landed in Nawlins, so I’m adequately amped. If you’re heading down, what are you hitting up, who are you excited to see?

May 5, 2012

The Big Hair You Deserve

I had a moment last week when I just wasn’t certain if I’d be able to rock a twist-out without clenching a few teeth and shaking a few fists. Weather here on the east coast has been nothing short of suspect: enter in an odd mix of humidity + drizzle rain+ intermittent pouring rain+ humidity. In that order, and you have an idea of what FRO was up against. 

But in the end I did, because there are those inevitable days when you do need your hair to give you more LIFE than you normally ask. BIG HAIR deserves its shine every once in a while, yes?

Even if it lasts for only a few hours…and drifts of dewy rain wipe away all of your hard work. You still press on.

Products Used:

  • Cleanse: TheraNeem Scalp Therapy (Still a staple, don’t know what I’d do without)
  • Deep Condition: Shea Moisture Organic Yucca & Baobab Anti-Breakage Mask (currently in the PJ rotation, LUV)
  • Style: KBB Hair Ambrosia + Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Cream

This has been the second week using the Jane Carter Curl Cream and so far I’m finding it gives a good amount of moisture (coupled with a leave-in condish underneath). Will experiment to see how it holds up on its own for final review.

I was able to tweet a before and after pic showing FRO’s growth at the end of the day, and truth be told, if you’re not able to smile at the miracle of the ‘POOF’ after combating a long day of humidity and lazy weather, you’re doing something wrong.

The consensus on Facebook is in favor of ‘bunning’ which just might be in this week’s forecast.

April 23, 2012

Playing Catchup

Well. It’s been a minute, yes? Can we play a quick catchup? Sabbaticals of varying lengths seem to be very popular on BTC…buuuut, FRO’s still been a busy beast. Last week it dawned on me that much too much was taking place without me sharing just how awesome the natural hair community is growing in fantastical ways!

If you follow me on tweetville I dropped a hint last week on a new project that gave birth a few days ago…and it looks amazing! Carol’s Daughter recently launched  a resourceful new site for transitioning newbies to help them through those rough patches. is already one of my favorite new stops because it has so many recognizable names within the natural hair community (moi included!) sharing their insight, and just being plain awesome! Check out my latest article on maintaining a healthy scalp while transitioning, and even our favorite Awkward black girl Issa Rae talking for the first time about her natural hair journey.

I implore you to visit, explore and even can add your two cents where it counts to help those who need answers.

….and there was that one time FRO decided she wanted to be a part of a natural hair television segment  on The Better Show and *wave* to a few peeps. Yep, that happened. Granted, I have the sleepiest of eyes (don’t laugh), but FRO rocked it well, along with the other gorgeous head of curls. ESSENCE Magazine’s Beauty Director, Corynne Corbet played host while talking curls and tresses on set. Fancy.

Don’t we look good in pink?!

Television Make-up. Super Fancy

We had another fun round of giveaways and sharing of awesomeness in last month’s Cup of Chai. Have you subscribed? Last month a winner was chosen and received goodies from the new Motions Naturally You line, and next month’s issue is filled with even more hand picked favorites for subbies!

Updates on The Process soon come! New Holy Grail DC’s were found, moisturizing stylers were purchased…and a PJ finally purged and used up her old stash of stuff!

Good Times. So, what’s your fro & curls loving these days?

March 17, 2012

:What Fro Craves:

Silly me for not updating you guys on Fro’s latest products du jour! In passing I’ve mentioned, yes. But here’s the official run-down on what/why/and how often we’re using some of our favorite new hair goodies.

1. So Twitter really is one of the most amazing places to become a PJ learn about favorite new products used in the #naturalhair community. In passing I was able to gain some insight into another blogger’s favorite new hair styler, and low and behold it’s a product that’s easily accessible in pretty much any BSS or drug store for that matter. Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship has made a pretty incredible styler in the arsenal stash, especially when paired with Curl Junkie’s Smoothing Lotion. The slip from both of these makes the detangling/styling process incredibly easy, and a regular sized bottle is able to last for ample weeks. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s great to find a product within reach of any local drugstore aisle that actually WORKS on your natural hair. I’ll always love ordering from my fav online stores, but in a pinch, it’s great to have back-ups.

2. A surprise favorite of late has been this cleanser from Hair Rules, their Aloe & Grapefruit Shampoo. Why I love? It does the job of cleaning a scalp that’s often prone to some shady business, smells amazing and doesn’t leave us stripped of all our necessary essential oils. I’ll always be quick to chuck a ‘poo’ for leaving me with stringy, dry hair…so quite pleased after using the Aloe & Grapefruit shampoo on several occasions to reveal great results. And, well hey! A little birdie told me it’s now available at selected Targets, so keep your eyes open!

3. Have I NOT raved about this enough on the blog? Now, if there’s any product that FRO has truly abused and fallen head over for in the  past few weeks, it’s most certainly been this buttah to beat all buttahs! Pooka’s Shea & Olive has even turned my own Mum into a convert, and all because it leaves your hair with the most incredible softness, sheen and YUMMY SMELL that you’ll ever find. I digress. But, really. I slather….seriously, slather some of this goodness during the nightly process and wake-up to some amazing hair. Exhibit A below:

I try to contain excitement during those great hair days, but this was SUCH a keeper. I do apply sparingly (save for the ‘slather’ part) or more so cautiously so as not to weigh hair down (it is a grease after all), but even when using as a regular sealant on your ends, you’re bound to love this! Lately I’ve been able to re-up my stash by heading into a few Whole Foods stores.

4. New to the stash, but making a seemingly great impression overall is this Moroccan Argan Oil Deep Repair Masque that I stumbled on a few weeks ago. If you’re in the NYC area and familiar with the RICKY’s chain of BSS stores, you’re wise to the bevy of hair care lines available. This one from Salon Exotics seems like  diamond in the ruff because it works so incredibly well on FRO & not to mention it’s beyond affordable. I’ve only been able to find the 1.75 oz packs which retail for up to $2.50, yet for the results you get…it’s an overall #win.

FRO does take up two packs due to overall thickness & length, but one pack should be suffice if you’re DC’ing. Not the best amount of slip to help you detangle those stubborn knots, but a quick trick be this—> leave your fav deep condish on for 5-10 minutes under a conditioning cap BEFORE attacking detangling with a comb/brush and strands should be soft enough to manage. You’ll thank me with the results. I’ve stocked up this weekend and aim to go back to Ricky’s and demand s’more (cleaned house!).

Questions, Comments… ? Let’s meet down below & tell me what you’re loving;)

March 7, 2012

Are You the Next Motions Natural Girl?

This is really shaping up to be the year where the spotlight is shining ever brighter on the natural hair community. Bigger brands are stepping up to the plate and debuting lines that are specially catered to kinky-curly hair….this is pretty big! Walk into any local drugs store, box store, Tarjay, Ulta…and you’re bound to walk down an aisle filled with conditioners, stylers and shampoos that have the kinky curly haired gal in mind. We are officially recognized in mass markets….ahhhmazing!

The folks over at Motions recently kicked off their Naturally You! line a few weeks back, and are offering fans the incredible chance to not only sample the products, but enter to win an all expense paid trip to NYC to represent 1 of 3 Motions Natural Girls, be treated to an incredible weekend of makeovers, AND…be featured in a Motions spread in ESSENCE Magazine!

NEW Motions® Naturally You! is a complete line of hair care products specially created forwomen with natural hair textures. Motions®, a trusted source in multi-texture hair care,now offers products to effectively address the specific needs of the growing number ofAfrican American women wearing their hair natural. Featuring a special blend of sheabutter, coconut and avocado oils, each Naturally You! product deeply moisturizes the hair,providing curl definition, softness and manageability. Motions® Naturally You! helps women own their curls and rock their style!

From a moisturizing cleanser to a deep conditioning mask meant hydrate & detangle, to their new Define My Curls Creme, I’m looking forward to trying a few of these goodies and sharing my take. Click here to learn more about the line & enter to win!