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January 11, 2009

Spotlight: Curl Junkie


Curl Junkie

Curl Junkie

Right now I’m sitting with a heating cap on my head, deep conditioning my hair and surfing the forums of  If you’re not familiar with this site already, especially if you’re a curly head, you MUST take a gander around the block!  It’s seriously infinite amounts of information on anything you wanted to know from transitioning from straight to curly and of course all the latest product reviews!


But while surfing I was surprised to see a familiar face, an awesome woman I met this past summer, and probably one of the most knowledgeable gals out there when it comes to the paradoxes of the curl. Marsha Coulton is the founder and creator of Curl Junkie, a newly revamped line of hair care products for curly heads!  You can do your CurlReading on’s Spotlight page here.

The site was relaunched this past December with ALL NEW PRODUCTS! Something that I’d been super excited about since she told me she was trying new mixes and potions in her kitchen.  I was able to sample some of the new products, such as the new Aloe Fix Gel, and have to say my hair was pleasantly surprised.  The smell is pretty impressive, as is most of her line of products.  The Hibiscus & Banana Honey Butta smells soft, fresh and something you wouldn’t mind lingering in your hair for a good week!  My soon-to-be purchase off the new site is the Coffee Coco Curl Creme, 


Coffee Coco Curl Creme

Coffee Coco Curl Creme

  • Monoi Coconut Oil – Monoi de Tahiti has been shown to penetrate and hydrate rapidly.
  • Exotic oils – used for their emollient, healing and moisturizing properties.
  • Coffee Bean Butter – is a powerful anti-oxidant and offers some natural protection from ultraviolet light. It is rich
  • in phytosterols which promote excellent moisture retention, and quick
  • penetration.
  • Guar Hydroxypropytrimonium Chloride – is said to have no build-up
  • and excellent wet and dry combing and detangling. The hair is soft and
  • its shine is improved. There is also a reduction of static build-up and
  • fly-away hair.

Seriously, all good stuff

January 9, 2009

BioInfusion Deep Conditioner



So I planned to start this post raving like a product maniac about one of the BEST deep conditioners I’d found in quite a long time.  I’d used this product several times to repair my hair during the summer when it lacked moisture and needed just a tad more TLC.  Back then I thought it worked like a charm! It was an effecive deep conditioner in that the directions specifically instructed you to let sit in hair for no less than 45 minutes.  For me that’s all the convincing I needed, or assurance rather, to let me know that this company’s intent was to do what the product says it’s going to do. Here’s a list from a merchant’s site about it’s claims:

  • A blend of science and nature.
  • Ultra hydrating for strength.
  • Naturally restores moisture.
  • Olive oil has been recognized throughout the ages as a naturally nourishing therapy believed to have rejuvenating power.
  • Rich in natural conditioning agents, olive oil infuses moisture to hair and scalp on contact.
  • BioInfusion is a blend of science and nature that has combined olive oil and other natural ingredients with new technologies to create the finest quality products for relaxed and natural styles.
  • Safe for color treated hair.
  • BioInfusion olive oil deep conditioning treatment


Basically, all good…right?


Well, what I initially loved about his product is of course it’s initial properties.  Olive Oil.  This is it’s absoute main ingredient, but not necessarily it’s most active ingredient.  Nonetheless what it claims to do it absolutely did.  It doesn’t have the best slip for a conditioner, but alas most DEEP conditioners do not, my guess is because of it’s potency…(don’t quote me on that).

But in keeping true with my whole new year, new me, new healthy hair approach, I revisited the ingredient page and was mystified and saddend by what I discovered.


“Water – Aqua , Glycerin , Coconut Oil – Cocos Nucifera , Behentrimonium Methosulfate , Soybean Oil – Glycine Soja , Dimethicone”


Ahhhh!! The tenth or so ingredient from the top was a cone! How could this be….shame.  I was surprised because…well it worked like a dream! I’d stumbled upon it by accident at a local Walgreens and thought I’d found something special, something that would help rejuvinate my hair when needed. 

So as of now I’m a bit torn:-(.  This was one of my favorite deep conditioners which means the hunt for  a steady and new one is probably in full effect.  I’m determined to stick to my regime of no crap product and won’t purchase this again….but…eh…still sucks.  I found that my hair is annoyingly particular about which conditioners I do put into it, so going forward I might have to either concoct something or mix two seperate conditioners and keep the ‘ol fingers crossed.

January 8, 2009

Giovanni Direct Leave-In

Giovanni Leave-InWhen it comes to curly hair there are indeed three elements or products typically necessary to acheive any respective look. 

1. A nourishing PH balanced conditioner

2. A moisturizing leave in conditioner

3. A versatile styling product.

All three are important, and for some curlyheads/naturals one more so than the other.  I find that my emphasis lately has been primarily with finding a solid leave in conditioner to set up my styling process.  Several folks on the haircare boards have suggested the uber popular (organic) Giovanni Direct Leave-in conditioner!

I have to admit though, I tried this on a reallllly lazy day of not really feeling what I refer to as ‘the process’.  A couple weeks back I set aside an afternoon to style my hair for work the next morning and all I remember was bitching and moaning in front of my mirror.  I was a bit out of sorts I guess you could say, even though I was trying a new product…something that usually leaves me excited with anticipation!

I ended up using the leave-in after a light conditioning and twisting it onto slightly damp hair.  I made several medium-large size twists after detangling with a wide tooth comb. I pincurled the ends with bobby pins, let it air dry for a bit and went to bed peeved.

Unraveling my hair the next morning was….well it wasn’t altogether horrible.  After unraveling the twists, I noticed most if not all were a bit frizzy and not relatively moisturized.  I ended up pinning the hair up with half a dozen pins, smoothing the front with gel and utilizing one of my hair bands.  This was pretty much the look for a good half week before I sucked it up and started ‘the process’ over again.

I say all that to say, I like the product…lol! Irony I know, but the error does fall on me this time.  Going over my usual steps I could’ve predicted what the end result would be.  First, I failed to condition properly (my minimum condi.time is 30min.),  + my hair turns out best when I section it into into smaller twists while adding the right amount of product, and last but not least….I desperately needed a trim!! When my hair is in dire need of a trim it has a distinct way of letting me know….basically by not behaving. 

This leave in is also quite light, letting me know that because of the density of my hair I should layer it with something else.  Instincts tell me if I add more to compensate for the amount of hair I have, my hair will feel overly saturated.  The ingredients are fabulous though!!  It’s an organic product, a factor I’ve been trying to add into my decision making these days.

I guess the jury is still out on this one though.  I clipped my ends last week so I’m pretty positive I could get different results the next go round.  So it’s a keeper for now.

January 8, 2009

Qhemet Biologics Gel

On the journey to healthy hair, whether you’re a straight head or a curly head, you’re bound to come across advice and product recommendations from those relative to your own experience.  What I’ve found with naturally curly hair is that the information received can kind of equal to system overload….a lot of the time…lol! So to cut down on the things that I should try list, I long decided to really just kind of adhere to products that I’ve heard mentioned more than a handful of times, either by word of mouth or through the hairforum boards that are out there.

So before the new year was over my roomate and I decided to take a walk to a sort of infamous whole foods store in our neighborhood named Back to the Land.  It’s a nifty little place that’s on a much smaller scale than the global chain store, but nonetheless you can find credit, and talkworthy products here at reasonable prices.  Most if not all the products are natural and/or organic which means nothing but good vibes and hopefully good hair.

My goal was to initially to pick up the Qhemet Biologics  Amla heavy creme in order to moisturize and lock my twists.  But because of the holiday they were officially out of stock:-(

But plan B…yeah! I instead picked up another product on my list, the Honeybush Tea Soft Hold Gel! My review on this should be simple because…well gels are gels right?  They slick back, mold up, and keep into place all those stray hair pieces that annoy.  But while the consistency of this does add up to a gel, the lightness of it sort of puts it into a whole other category….a good thing in my opinion!

It’s a SOFT GEL.  Which means soft hold…yah…it’s winter here in NYC so that’s why I feel the need to emphasize this to myself.  My hair in it’s thickness and density definitely needs more weight in the winter than this gel could offer which is why I’m placing it in the stash for summer products.  The gel defines my curls and moisturizes better than most out there, but I could not in the future use it for twists.  Once I began twisting, there was hardly any hold left to secure the ends, something that I consciously look for if in fact I look forward to a twist out the next week.

I also wish I’d discovered this gel when my hair was freshly BC’d…essentially this would be a killer product for a simple wash and go! It’s light, the fragrance is not too strong and particulary in the summer, a little would go a long way because of the amount of moisture it packs into it.

2nd luv...

2nd luv...

Next up, I’m still quite eager to try the Amla heavy creme! Their website is currently down for inventory but I’ll try my luck at one of their distributors in the coming days and post a review then:-)

 amla & olive heavy creme

January 8, 2009

Jane’s Solution



!!!! I begin with an exclamation to display my heightened excitement!! Basically I’ve found a goodie product!! Something that I was on the fence about for many months, but then caved and decided to purchase because….well, that’s what I do. Now, I’ve tried this line of products before, so I had an inkling as to what I might be in store for…but hey! I was still pleasantly surprised.
To prelude I have to say that I experimented with this one for a bit before figuring out how to best work it into my everyday routine, and I do believe that after only two attempts,  I actually was QUITE successful;-)

Jane Carter’s Twist & Lock (creme) is my new staple…at least for now during these harsh winter months when my hair craves just the mere scent of moisture.

Basically this is a lock cream with an intense amount of moisture…meaning a little goes a looooong way. The first two ingredients are purified water and shea butter! Two beautiful ingredients my hair luvs to the bone. It’s got a whole host of other butters including mango, kokum butters… and listed not too far down are some great oils like Jojoba, grapefruit, cedarwood, rosemary, ylang ylang and more!!

So two weeks ago when I first purchased, I’d bought it home excited to try just a plain ol twist out along with a light hold gel I’d found at a whole food store. After finishing the twists I soon realized that the twist & lock doesn’t really serve the purpose of securing the lock (edit: depending on type of curl I’d say), what it does is moisturize the lock. Essentially there’s nothing in the list of ingredients that warrents a good solid hold for a twist.

But, I also realized that I’d used the product on WET hair! Hair is most thirsty, at least in my case, when it’s in it’s dry state. And this was how I came to nourish my hair with the creme at night while loosely sectioning and twisting my hair into two strands. In it’s naturally dry state my hair soaks this stuff up and holds it in for a good duration! I LUV!

Yet another reason why I’m so giddy about utilizing this as a new staple in my routine is that I’m happily saying au revoir to my old staple, the Miss Jessie’s Curly Buttercreme. The switch off for me will be painless because the Twist and Lock is less than half the price of Miss Jessie’s line of buttercreme’s AND…most important…no mineral oils or other harmful ingredients that went along with their reformulation. SHAME! (on them not me;-)