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March 11, 2013

The NEW World of Curls


So, there’s this thing happening. Right? You’re now able to walk into pretty much any retail/beauty/pharmacy/Tarjay today and be inundated with products marketed towards keeping curls & kinks layed, frizz free and defined. I love it. Still get excited, and am beyond thrilled each time a (affordable) new brand decides to enter the ring and even out the playing field.

Isn’t it about time?

Last month I had the chance to see just how much the game has changed after attending the official launch of Dark & Lovely’s new line Au Naturale line. With the evening co-hosted by Curly Nikki, and what seemed like a gajillion natural haired femmes descending on the streets of New York, the stage was set for women to officially have their voices heard.

In this month’s issue of ESSENCE Magazine, I talk to the brains behind the new line, get the scoop on the changing landscape; and also pick the brain of one of the few who pioneered the game, Jane Carter.


Loved this behind the scenes commercial video featuring one of my FAV new naturalistas and fellow blogger, Hollis. Check it out!

January 17, 2013

Hair Confession & Declarations


Lately I haven’t had much to cheer about when it comes to showing off FRO. Okay, if I were to be COMPLETELY honest…I’d have to divulge this l’il secret. We’ve been neglecting our TLC moments for some time. It’s been bad.

Deplorable behavior. Yes. The majority of our ends are gnarly, dry, brittle …in need of a long overdue trim, and have sought shelter under hats and two-strand twists over the past few weeks months.

This morning, on a whim, I snapped the above shot (the 1st in many moons) and thought…not too bad? Yeah….but could do SO much better. I’ve been experiencing drier than normal strands and suspect old man winter is not the only culprit to blame. Because I’ve been under the weather for the past few weeks (more on that in another post…yeesh!), I’ve let some things slip, namely my go-to product arsenal, and the ability not to half-ass it when it comes to my weekly routine. Tell me you’ve been there?!

Life & stuff happens. It’s all inevitable, but at some point it’s time to redraw the road map back to healthier feeling (looking) hair. It’s been over a year since FRO’s last trim!

:Hangs Head:


We’re on our way….

January 1, 2013

Well, If It’s Not Another Photo A Day Challenge

It seems only right to bring in the New Year with yet another Photo Challenge. These are hands down my favorite to tackle. FRO hasn’t been near a camera lens since the wee month of October, so this one’s also for her.



If you’d like to join in, click on over to Chantelle’s site for all the fun deets! I’ll be spreading myself thin over at our FB page, Twittah & Instafame.

July 28, 2012

Summer Hair Pick: In Review | Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Pudding

On my last day of visiting New Orleans a few weeks back, a friend and I dropped ever so quick into the pop up Carol’s Daughter store. Now apart from the many celebrities stopping by, and amidst the range of hair demos taking place throughout the day, everyone seemed ubber excited to try the new Hair Milk Pudding, how it works, when to use…how does it smell?! (which this gal snatched up within minutes upon entering store!).

So, many moons ago (circa ’09), this blogger waxed poetic about a pretty strong attraction to hair puddings, custardy mentions, and tings of the Hair Milk variety, so much so that the giddiness factor went straight ten fold when it got down to first using the Carol’s Daughter Pudding. Omg.

Well, first. Why I love thee.

Consistency is always key, yes? Puddings typically err on the side of ‘thick enough’ to do the job that your every day gel just can’t do. It ought deliver moisture to your hair cargo, keep it moisturized without the annoyance of buildup, tackiness and sans flaking. All faux pas in the land of applying product.

But in a rare move I decided to apply to FRO after our weekly DC treatment, & without the usual leave-in underneath to gauge how well it’d keep my strands moisturized. The verdict? FRO was a bit offended we ditched the leave-in, and sadly visited crunch city for a while.

Hair did appear moisturized for a few hours, yet once 100% dry, lacked the initial moisture we’d so loved! Our solution was to revisit our next attempt with a trusty, creamy (yet lite) leave-in. A good option is the Hair Milk Lite, though I’ve been reaching for Karen’s Body Beautiful’s Super Silky.

Not certain I’d use this with a hooded drier, especially if the goal is to rock two-strand twists for the majority of 1-2 weeks, as hair will become especially dry. If you’re aiming to set your hair style, do make sure to apply a light hair oil, or butter/moisturizer to help seal the deal, then unravel to glorious perfection!  Added bonus? A smidge goes a pretty long way, which says A LOT due to FRO’s current state of length.

The new Hair Milk Collection is available online, in stores and debuted with a host of other new goodies including a co-washing cleanser that sounds heavenly. Have you guys tried the new line? What were your thoughts?

July 23, 2012

Get Your Fly Cut On at a Discount!



So you knew it was bound to happen! The awesomeness that is taking over the interwebs has found it’s way to the crux of our beloved hair salons. A new, and much needed, daily deal website has recently launched, and by no other than the orignal queen of brown beauty blogging, Tia Williams.

The Fly Cut is the first and only daily deal website that sells discounted vouchers from hair salons that specialize in African-American and ethnic hair. We also offer free tips from beauty experts, information on the latest hair trends and product reviews on our featured blog, Shake Your Beauty. Vouchers will only be offered from salons that are expertly curated by The Fly Cut staff, and each deal description provides inside information about the salon, including its specialty (natural hair, curly hair, weaves, braiding, blow outs, etc.) and available services or treatments.

This is probably just what the curls ordered if you’ve reached the point of exhaustion after detangling for the upteenth time, & in desperate need of professional hands to keep that fro glorious! The Fly Cut has exculsive deals to salons that specialize in African American & Ethinic hair, so rest assured you’ll be in great hands.

First deal of the site is a great steal, $25 for a Wash-n-Go Curly Hair Wash & Dry at the newly opened Miss Jessie’s Curl Bar in SoHo, NY. Like most daily deal sites, they go quick…! So take the plunge (I just might see you there;).

Check out this great video with founder, Tia Williams as she talks it up with owners Tito & Miko of the Curl Bar: