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July 29, 2013

Morning Kickstart! The Green Juice


A few months ago a few co-workers & I embarked on a juice/raw food cleanse to test some of the latest programs on the market (click here to read up on our adventures!). The goal? to recharge our bodies and challenge our minds to think more healthy in terms of our food choices.

Fast forward to today, and the biggest surprise that’s come out of our adventures is my newfound love for healthy juicing. Okay, so some may say that the latest trend is all green and pressed juices, but as a woman who always turned a blind eye to any kind of veggie juice since the time her parents force fed her beet and carrot juice? Bottom line, is that I like what I like, and most juices today are relative to a person’s lifestyle, tastebuds and body needs. Their really is a juice (or smoothie) for every tastebudder.

Now, I often cary a queasy stomach with me in my everyday, and my daily juice of choice not only jumpstarts the metabolism, but it gives you a great amount of energy in the mornings.

Chai’s Recipe for Daily Kickstart Juice:

  • 5 sprigs of full Kale leaves (tons of calcium)
  • 1 lemon (skin removed)
  • 2-3 Granny Smith/or Red Delicious apples (depending on how tart you like)
  • 2 good chunks of fresh ginger (Anti-inflammatory, boosts immune system, even eases menstrual pains)

This really does taste quite delicious, so much so that I often have in the mornings on the way to work, and pick up a 2nd helping on the way back home. Not a fan of green juice? I still say give this a go. It tastes similar to a yummy healthier lemonade, and your tummy will thank you.


Do you guys juice? What’s your favorite go-to recipe?

July 23, 2013

Eat Here: Emeril’s on Tchoupitoulas


I’ve been without the internets for the past week and a half, and upon FINALLY being reunited with my social family yet again, thoughts of my time eating at Emeril’s down in New Orleans would not leave me be. This was in no way a problem.


Last year was in fact my first time dining at Emeril’s, which forced me and a colleague to hightail it back again this year simply because the memories of the attentive wait staff, yum yum food and ambiance lingers with you for that long a time. Many who visit New Orleans tend to dip into NOLA, his other foodie pad. But my heart (& stomach)? Loyalties lie with homemade boudin & andouille sausages and southern cooked greens that melt in your mouth. Can’t wait to head back!

May 14, 2013

The Reformed Foodie

kale pasta

It’s been a while since I posted any recipes from Chai’s kitchen. The oven doors that were once happily open to experimenting with a myriad of recipes has been unofficially closed for some time, and here’s why. My health became more important.

Late last year I became ill, barely able to get up and out of bed and tend to everyday tasks, let alone cooking or baking.  I began visiting doctor after doctor, took time off work to sort through the crazy, and enlisted the love of my Mum to walk me through it. Literally, I could barely walk without a physical breakdown.

Now, to bypass all the sordid details of diagnoses and follow-up visits to doctor’s that were beyond frustrating, the gist? I decided to go gluten free. To allow my body to heal and get on the path to feeling better, I gave up an old way of eating that quite frankly made me ill. Okay, so if you’re still asking, well…”what is gluten free?” May I defer you to Gluten Free Girl’s most amazing story on the matter and her incredible journey to recovery. Minus the husband, and a few other tidbits, our stories are quite similar (as are many who travel down this path).

So while I don’t have a yummy recipe to share that involves maple glazed frosting, here goes a short list of what you’d need to even begin thinking about going gluten free:

What you’ll need:

  • Patience - making changes to anyone’s diet requires a reserved amount of patience because you are essentially undertaking a life change.
  • Understanding Friends+ Family – You will need folks around you to hold you up and support your decision. For many, going gluten free is a life changing moment – not a trend – so it’s best to have people around you that won’t lead to self sabotage, or worse, guilt.
  • An Open Mind - You will be trying and sampling and incorporating an immense amount of NEW foods into your daily diet, and my advice is to be VERY open minded to every possibility. Much of what I eat today is based of course on how yummy something is, but also sustenance. My pre-thoughts these days? How will this make me feel once my body is done digesting

Believe me, I’m no expert. I’m a beginner to all this, but I’m doing remarkably well in adjusting to a new way of eating that suits all of my body’s needs. If you’re curious about what it takes to go gluten free, please feel free to ask! I dare say, I do not have the answers, but if you are in need of support & or encouragement, I’m here. Also, if you’d like me to post more in depth on my current food lists and what I love to eat these days, let me know.

July 14, 2012

Sights, Sounds – Streets & Food of NOLA

There’s much too much to love and leave behind when it comes to visiting New Orleans, but with my second visit officially in the books this past week, it’s getting a lot easier. While hitting up the ESSENCE Music Festival is always the main draw each and every year around the July 4th holiday, you could land on the streets of NOLA any time of the year and feel the warmth of the people, FOOD, and indulge in the beautiful architecture. This trip I had GOALS = food hotspots, MUSIC, food hotspots, relax, sightsee….

Kept it simple, because if you’ve been to the ESSENCE Music festival, you understand that it’s best to keep expectations high, your itinerary flexible and ready for just about anything. Tons of pics taken, but here’s the best of the best that captured what a great time I had.

Had the mussels & grits for main lunch over at Emeril’s on Tchoupitoulas, and saved enough room for this yummy rum chocolate bread pudding.

It was incredibly hot during my five day stay, so walking through the streets snapping more than a few pics was a HUGE accomplishment! The side streets of NOLA are not to be ignored though, lots of cute shops and hidden treasures to discover

Finally made it to the Carol’s Daughter Pop-Up Suite on Decatur to preview the new Hair Milk Collection. Picked up the new Hair Milk Pudding and can’t wait to get hands on other goodies from the revamped line!

Hair demos and celebrity appearances rocked the beautiful space

Preview of the new Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Pudding to come. Have you guys peeked or tried the new line? Thoughts? Very curious about the Hair Milk leave-in, haven’t tried in quite a few years!

May 2, 2012

Foodie Files: Naan Reinvented the Stonefire Way

Late last week a few co-workers and I stole away to an amazingly beautiful loft in SoHo to indulge in a taste testing event centered around the multi-purpose, multi-awesome Naan!

Essentially, a #foodies dream to be served variations of the yummiest of foods all evening long, but thanks to Stonefire I was able to pick up a few tips to carry home.

Noshed on delicious appetizers to start

Our gracious hosts explaining  the secret behind Stonefire Breads.

Good food is best shared with other #foodies…yes.

Even tried our hand at a few recipes & helped out in the kitchen

So…appaarently you can make an easy Pesto/Chicken/Basil/ Panini using Naan. Very Yum!

Inspired and hungry…a woman went home armed with Naan to make this yummy Banana Foster dessert. Easy and delicious. Click for recipe.

March 5, 2012

Brunch iCi

In between balancing a frenetic new job schedule and life in general, somehow the brunch gods made way for a few curlies & friends to enjoy an afternoon of cupcakes and yummy food last week! Thanks to those who came out to partake.

Kale Burgers were a huge hit, & looked incredibly yum!

Poached eggs paired with the creamiest, savory grits topped with crispy shallots

Goblets of delicious lavender tea

Thanks to Sydney’s Sweets for the most delicious of red velvet cupcakes!

Do check out this lovely spot in Brooklyn. French inspired, lovely & full of yummy treats! I had such a great time. For last minute planning, I’m grateful for those who took part;)!!