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August 21, 2013

Lady With Long Hair


Here’s something to capture your whimsical heart on this hump day.

The film [Lady with Long Hair] tells the story of an old woman who relives memories of her life contained within her hair. Bakos tackles the challenging concept using hand-drawn animation to create a sweet, memorable personality for her protagonist. The character is depicted as both frail with age and full of life and strength, which comes through especially when she bakes.

The film moves into expressionist territory with a visual analogy that ties together the flow of water with the woman’s long wavy hair. It builds to a particularly poignant ending that uses the hair to merge the character’s current reality with her memories. -via Amid Amidi

For more on the filmmaker, Barbara Bakos & the ideas that went into producing this gem, click here.

August 2, 2013

Hello, Weekend!


There really was something distinct in the air yesterday as the calendar ticked to another first of the month, & the collective soon realized; that while summer is thankfully still here – it will not last forever. Well dang. “How can it be August 1st already?!” Can we all just agree not to waste much more time thinking about how quickly these months will soon past, but rather live the days that are left – fill them with light, love and of course, pudding (seriously, this exists)! So this weekend I’m making a deal with the self to head back to the water,  read up on my latest book pick, wind down with a few friends, and clean a much too neglected BK nook called my apartment. Tons to read through before we let on…!

Great info for my soul stirrers Accidental Creative

Quite possibly the best idea for campers. or renters…you choose!

For my Lady Hustlers 10 Ways to get out of your freelance rut. Favorite Tip!

5. Email your friends and family. No one will know to recommend you if they don’t know what you’re looking and/or available for. (You know how your mom just assumes you know exactly what she wants all the time, but she gives you no verbal indication? Ya, you are doing the exact same thing if you don’t TELL PEOPLE what you do and what you are looking for.) Email your family and friends simply letting them know the services you offer and what type of clients they can recommend to you. Also, provide them a link to your website. They love you, they want to help you.

This Avocado Alfredo Pasta | These Raw Almond Butter Cups are incredibly easy to make

Sseko shoes are cutesies!

I have been coveting this bag for weeks!! Seriously the softest leather bag you will find. & oh! the colors

Your guide to interacting with an introvert

: New Music love:  Emily King – The Seven

Cute & easy DIY project – Wooden Beaded Tassle Necklace | Can we even call this a DIY? Too awesome. - How to fold a shirt in 2 seconds.

I’m currently still torn between how much of our lives should be displayed in the social sphere, but this caught my eye. Write in Private.

Still looking for alternatives to the now defunct Google Reader? Pocket this

The most interesting links are found on the Twitter. Like The Period Store

the PJ in me is currently stalking: Rosemary & Cedearwood Hair Treatment + an easy natural hair up-do that’s way too cute

You’re invited! Monday 8/5 Krystal from blog, The Feisty House will be hosting a “Wear Your Hair in Style Event,” that sounds pretty awesome. Will I see you there?


Have a great weekend…!!

July 25, 2013

Store Crush: Boo + Boo Factory


My obsession with color really does go back a ways, I’m thinking 2nd grade in Ms. Barland’s class doodling away, concentrating with a burning intent to ‘stay within the lines.’ Even at an early age, I was under the impression that mixtures of color and patterns breathed new life into anything it came into contact with; it helped me to see the world ever so clearly! So after stumbling onto boo + boo factory some time ago, I felt a bit of kismet back to those young memories. I love everything in this shop!

**AND speaking of color, a woman took to her home and tinkered with a box of Shea Moisture’s new Color System. The good, the bad…and all else TK!

June 21, 2013

Store Crush: POKETO


I fell in love with Poketo sometime last year and can easily curate a list of fancy & fun things to add to my stash each time I visit. These cute pens are littered all over my home desk! & because they are an actual brick and mortar (lucky LA) + online retail store, the selections are often rotating each season. I can easily pack up & rock any of these cute pieces for upcoming summer jaunts.


June 21, 2013

Hello, Weekend + Book Talk!


I’d really be remiss if I did not come clean and explain why the latest drop by Chimamanda Adichie has me smiling inwardly (and outwardly) on my train rides to and from work lately.  I’m currently midway through & for serious…. so much in love. Between the pages, lessons on identity, culture, acceptance & class are told through the context of our hair.  Opinionated, head strong, intelligent, witty, Adichie weaves the story of  her main character, Ifemulu and her journey to becoming Americanah – but how she lays the story down is where we find the smarts.  From nearly the first few pages of chapter one, we enter an african braiding salon and head down a winding journey that begins in Nigeria, traverses to the States of the US – then back again. But the in-between? Here’s what you’ll find:

On an unremarkable day in early spring – the day was not bronzed with special light. nothing of any significance happened, and it was perhaps merely that time, as it often does, had transfigured her doubts – she looked in the mirror, sank her fingers into her hair, dense and spongy and glorious, and could not imagine it any other way. That simply, she fell in love with her own hair.

Now my list of girl crushes is quite short, but Adichie had my heart after reading these thoughtful interviews where she discusses her journey to natural & the complexities that still exist when choosing to wear your hair natural in Nigeria. Are you guys still reading along? If not, what’s the hold-up, hmmmmm….

June 7, 2013

Hello, Weekend!

Hey guys! So have we all gotten used to this crazy weather? Raise your rain soaked hands if you were caught in puddles and downpour this week. The caveat of course is that it’s Friday, and this weekend, apart from mentally decompressing and catching up on errands, I am beyond excited (and anxious) to be taking a dance class at the Alvin Ailey Dance School! A friend and I will be  taking a Horton class, which if you take a brief glance at the vid and pics, you know your body is in for something special. Can’t wait. A few links for you before I go…!!

Magic Johnson has my vote for bringing us something this dope & fresh. Catch a sneak peak of new talk show “Exhale” featuring the likes of Issa Rae, Angela Burt Murray, Malinda Williams, Rene Syler & a revolving door of awesome guests

Speaking of awkward, Issa Rae shares sage advice in The Conversation on why she turned down a television show (?!?), figuring out who she was as a person, the best piece of advice she’s ever gotten + more

Popsicles, Natural Hair & How I Stopped Asking for Permission

Jane Carter’s new site is brimming with new products AND awesome insight

I am who I choose to be, you are who you choose to be. Claim this moment, live in it, make the most of it; the most important kind of freedom is be whomever you choose – choose to be happy!

A few co-workers and I test out 5 newly popular juice cleanses on the market, and tell you the good, the bad….& in some cases the TMI

I’m headed to NOLA in less than a month (eeeekkkk!!) to take part in the ESSENCE Festival & have been mentally shopping for cute pieces. This a winna & I shall be on the hunt for this over the weekend. Oh! & the cuteness!

Great advice on Inspiration Hunting round the webs and in life

Easy peezy Banana + Peanut Butter (Diary Free) Ice Cream | I recently signed up for a CSA and can’t wait to create recipes like these!!

Sarah continues to be the Bawse for after scoring an adventure like this one. Tree houses for grown ups!! A woman is contemplating…

Are you reading with me this Summer? I’m a few chapters into Adichie’s latest, Americanah and want to physically lay within the pages already. And my oh my… if you’ve never been introduced. Please listen to The Danger of a Single Story.

She Who Learns Teaches. Andrea sending a powerful message through her art + a charitable donation goes to a beautiful cause

Why is this always so hard? Decide to say something nice….about yourself for a change

Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. Or creative theft? 38 Anthropologie hacks

Oh…and pretty much the BESTEST BOOK GIVEAWAY ever. I wanna em all.