Hi, and thanks for stopping by! At it’s heart, BACK TO CURLY is a creative space to talk all things curly hair related. My deepest passion is finding beauty in the small, hidden and often misrepresented. I fell (back) in love with my own natural hair well over 10 years ago after becoming inspired by a simple photograph in a magazine. After cutting it all off while in college, I never ceased exploring and learning new ways to care for my hair. Along the way, my love has grown exponentially with the rise of the natural hair movement. This space is where I share what I’ve learned.

My hope is that you find inspiration behind the telling of my story, my current loves, favorite products and beauty fixes that I tend to cling to. This blog’s primary purpose is to encourage and promote healthy hair care living, but most importantly to instill in those who have not yet taken the time, to learn & love their hair. Be unafraid. Make mistakes. Ask questions, expect answers & do not feel that you are alone in the world of doubt, failure or even success. I love to share my stories, including current recipes that I’m looking to perfect, current wanderlusts that I’m exploring, organizing brunch meetups, or life lists I’m aiming to tackle.

About Moi:


I’m a writer, food enthusiast,¬†photographic¬†apprentice, brunchaholic, & frequenter of your next best Natural Hair Meetup Event. I often contribute to CurlyNikki.com, ESSENCE Magazine and Carol’s Daughter, Transitioning Movement.com.¬†If you have any questions about this site or just want to say hi, drop me a line (chai at backtocurly dot com)