August 21, 2013

You Should Meet: Studio Africa + Faarrow


Meet sisters Siham & Iman, the newest addition to Studio Africa’s recent campaign collaboration with Deisel+EDUN. Somalian born, these two singer-songwriters also make up the awesome group Faarrow and are currently striving to empower women in their communities.

Studio Africa is a virtual loudspeaker for a new generation of creative talents from across the continent. The campaign features nine artists in fashion, film, music, literature, and photography; individuals with both talent and a deep commitment to their respective countries and people: Meet the catwalk model running a foundation for the education of orphaned girls in Tanzania; the actor creating opportunities for Senegal’s talibé beggar children; the fashion designer building an industry in Côte d’Ivoire one skilled worker at a time; the musician drawing on Belgian and Congolese roots to challenge what it means to make African music today; the writer from Morocco breaking taboos as the first openly gay author in the Arab world; and the photography collective showing their home-town of Soweto, South Africa in a whole new light. – via studioafrica.tumblr


Definitely check out the remaining cast behind Studio Africa by clicking here. All have beautiful vignette videos sharing their thoughts on the campaign +  the importance of sharing the creative talents of those across the continent.

faarrow3 faarrow4


I now have complete NEW hair crushes! Please check out their dope videos, “Say My Name,” + “Rule The World,” – both bounce worthy; and follow them over at their official website.

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