August 16, 2013

I Got This | Hair Color Take 2


It feels like a good minute since I updated you guys on my recent trials with coloring Fro. It’s been two weeks, and if you look closely, just a bit has changed. Did I mention that I was determined to get this color thing down? Well, the initial hurdle in trying to get this color thing right was having zero access to the Shea Moisture Color System. My local Target, which I would marry if I could (no, seriously – the curly girl aisle is some kind of MECCA) does not carry the line as of yet.

A small setback, but as a backup plan (we all have one, don’t we?!) I’ve had my eye on the Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme in Dark Reddish Brown. I loved the avocado, olive & shea oils that come in each application. Not to mention it has a non-drip formula, making it tons easier for those like me with clumsy intentions to apply it clean sans mess.

As for the color? Well, it took – but just barely. I kept the mix in for 1 full hour (they also suggest a 30min lapse), and decided FRO was just going to have to deal. My hair does what it does, and when it comes to color, it can be stubborn. Oddly enough, I have naturally dark brown hair which quietly led me to believe this whole process would be less frustrating. Eh…


This second go-round I definitely see color! Bonus? No more standing in the light to get a glimpse of my hard work. Granted it is subtle (strong emphasis on sub-tle) – which is fine, turns out it’s just the right kind of change I needed without the heavy commitment.


So how does my hair feel after two trials of hair color in 30 days? I’ve been extremely diligent in deep conditioning after each application, which I dare say has made such a world of difference. FRO feels just as healthy post-hair color.  Both times I did reach for Subtil Elixir Intense Nutrition Shine Oil by Phyto for added conditioning benefits. Here’s a quick hi-jack description from Sephora:

This fine, lightweight, and easy-to-rinse oil effortlessly penetrates into each strand bringing damaged, dehydrated hair back to life. The formula restructures ultradry hair while leaving a discreet fragrance of banana leaf, passion flower, gardenia, and exotic musk notes. Hair feels immediately replenished and its original softness and shine are restored.

I’m pretty much a convert, and because of the steep price I’m aiming to use only when strands are in dire need of being restored back to it’s fighting glory.



I ended up buying two boxes of the Garnier Nutrisse color, only ended up using one (ha!), but would probably head to a salon to refresh the color and brighten it up a bit.

oh! & thanks, guys for sharing your coloring stories! Truly helped to know we are all on the same boat!

3 Responses to “I Got This | Hair Color Take 2”

  1. fola

    the colour is nice and subtle like u said…but i still cant get over how lovely ur twist-outs look! whats your hair type?

    • Chai

      thanks, Fola! Not even sure what my hair type is right now, it’s been changing a bit over the past few years. But it is thick, tightly coiled in some areas, looser in others – with mostly a zigzagged pattern throughout

  2. AndersonDunn

    I use coconut for my curly hair and i have found that after 3 months my hair color still beautiful.Great post by the way very informational.


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