August 2, 2013

Hello, Weekend!


There really was something distinct in the air yesterday as the calendar ticked to another first of the month, & the collective soon realized; that while summer is thankfully still here – it will not last forever. Well dang. “How can it be August 1st already?!” Can we all just agree not to waste much more time thinking about how quickly these months will soon past, but rather live the days that are left – fill them with light, love and of course, pudding (seriously, this exists)! So this weekend I’m making a deal with the self to head back to the water,  read up on my latest book pick, wind down with a few friends, and clean a much too neglected BK nook called my apartment. Tons to read through before we let on…!

Great info for my soul stirrers Accidental Creative

Quite possibly the best idea for campers. or renters…you choose!

For my Lady Hustlers 10 Ways to get out of your freelance rut. Favorite Tip!

5. Email your friends and family. No one will know to recommend you if they don’t know what you’re looking and/or available for. (You know how your mom just assumes you know exactly what she wants all the time, but she gives you no verbal indication? Ya, you are doing the exact same thing if you don’t TELL PEOPLE what you do and what you are looking for.) Email your family and friends simply letting them know the services you offer and what type of clients they can recommend to you. Also, provide them a link to your website. They love you, they want to help you.

This Avocado Alfredo Pasta | These Raw Almond Butter Cups are incredibly easy to make

Sseko shoes are cutesies!

I have been coveting this bag for weeks!! Seriously the softest leather bag you will find. & oh! the colors

Your guide to interacting with an introvert

: New Music love:  Emily King – The Seven

Cute & easy DIY project – Wooden Beaded Tassle Necklace | Can we even call this a DIY? Too awesome. - How to fold a shirt in 2 seconds.

I’m currently still torn between how much of our lives should be displayed in the social sphere, but this caught my eye. Write in Private.

Still looking for alternatives to the now defunct Google Reader? Pocket this

The most interesting links are found on the Twitter. Like The Period Store

the PJ in me is currently stalking: Rosemary & Cedearwood Hair Treatment + an easy natural hair up-do that’s way too cute

You’re invited! Monday 8/5 Krystal from blog, The Feisty House will be hosting a “Wear Your Hair in Style Event,” that sounds pretty awesome. Will I see you there?


Have a great weekend…!!

5 Responses to “Hello, Weekend!”

  1. corelle

    The picture of the lovely lady with the awesome hair is what drew me into this article. I wanted to try to do my hair like hers but I’m not sure if it’s in locs or not… Awesome stuff mentioned, especially Pocket and The Feisty House. Next time I’m PMSing’, lol, i will check out the period store,genius!

    • Chai

      I’ve been starring at her hair for a few weeks – think it’s just twists pinned & tucked away, but so cute! BTW, the Pocket is pretty seamless once you download, very easy to use so far;)

  2. Spencre

    Hi! So I really love your blog, some of the best hair tips ever! Any way I though I’d nominate you for the Liebster award, there’s quite a bit if information so I’m not going to out it all in this one comment but all the info is a post of my blog, so go check it out for the details! :):)


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