July 25, 2013

Store Crush: Boo + Boo Factory


My obsession with color really does go back a ways, I’m thinking 2nd grade in Ms. Barland’s class doodling away, concentrating with a burning intent to ‘stay within the lines.’ Even at an early age, I was under the impression that mixtures of color and patterns breathed new life into anything it came into contact with; it helped me to see the world ever so clearly! So after stumbling onto boo + boo factory some time ago, I felt a bit of┬ákismet┬áback to those young memories. I love everything in this shop!

**AND speaking of color, a woman took to her home and tinkered with a box of Shea Moisture’s new Color System. The good, the bad…and all else TK!

2 Responses to “Store Crush: Boo + Boo Factory”

    • Chai

      I had to work my way up to wearing a ton of color, but at the end of the day it makes me so happy! Sort of like finally sportin that bold red lip:)


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