July 29, 2013

on a positive note & getting over old fears


Would you believe me if I told you that this past weekend I completely demolished an old fear I had of drifting off into the ocean? This bad blogger has zero pictorial proof to show for it, but on a whim a friend and I took to the waters down by Brooklyn Bridge Park (Meca for all things free & fun) and hitched a ride on a kayak. I had such an amazing time! Not to mention this fear I’ve had of the open water for some time; I was filled with joy after stepping off that wee boat.

Blogger guru Sarah over at Yes & Yes accomplished a similar feat & wrote about it here!

Fancy a bit of adventure in the coming weeks? Kayaking is free throughout the summer down by Pier 1 & 2 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. & more importantly, it’s FREE!! I’m such a huge advocate when it comes to taking part in local activities, so for my NYC’ers (BK heads included), get to it before these warm months make their exit.

Make it a good one…

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