July 23, 2013

Eat Here: Emeril’s on Tchoupitoulas


I’ve been without the internets for the past week and a half, and upon FINALLY being reunited with my social family yet again, thoughts of my time eating at Emeril’s down in New Orleans would not leave me be. This was in no way a problem.


Last year was in fact my first time dining at Emeril’s, which forced me and a colleague to hightail it back again this year simply because the memories of the attentive wait staff, yum yum food andĀ ambianceĀ lingers with you for that long a time. Many who visit New Orleans tend to dip into NOLA, his other foodie pad. But my heart (& stomach)? Loyalties lie with homemade boudin & andouille sausages and southern cooked greens that melt in your mouth. Can’t wait to head back!

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