June 5, 2013

Return of the Curls

chai's fro

It’s been a few weeks since FRO’s been back to her curly kinky glory, and if I were to be honest – a large part of me breathed a huge sigh of relief after that first wash…watching & waiting as the sleek straight strands shrunk away to leave me with what I’ve sooooo grown to love. Yes, straight hair has it’s perks (ponytail central….!!), but clearly the fun for me all lies in the ebb and flow of whichever direction my curls go. I’s so happy.

I’ve been dabbling in a few new hair goodies + sticking to, I guess what you’d call an old favorite; Camille Rose really is my hair’s ish. We’re pic heavy today because we are simply loving this entire combo right here:

chai's fro2

chai's fro3

chai's fro5

chai's fro6

I guess the other giddy part of me just wanted to show off my fancy new & smooth ends! Nothing beats enjoying the ease and manageability of your hair after a trim. Nothing. Wait…well, maybe this does.

6 Responses to “Return of the Curls”

  1. Chinye

    I think I’ve gotten the itch to straighten my hair out of my system. I’m most happy when my hair is curly, twisted up and/or free! But….thanks again for sharing the BK hair salon…one of the reasons I decided to never straighten again is because the shampoo girl literally scared me….tugging, pulling, snapping. Too much.

    And because of you, I ran around Chicago trying to find the ONE tarjay store that sells Camille Rose hehe. I picked up the Algae deep conditioner (it’s on sale btw!) and immediately used it. The verdict: swoon.

    • Chai

      It’s taken me over 4 years to even consider straightening, so I completely get it, lol! & ummm….how AWESOME is the Camille Rose?! I will sell this stuff on a corner street for my people. yes, that good;)


    straight hair has perks? never heard of such a thing! Haha. In all seriousness though, I second the previous comments – your curls look great!! I currently use Ouidads conditioner too for my 3b curls and I’ve heard a lot of great things about Shea Butter, but just never tried… have to put that on my checklist for the next round of shopping : )


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