June 4, 2013

On The Night Stand

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Once upon a time I used to be that girl. That one who couldn’t tear her fingers or pry her eyes from the text of the yummiest book she’d ever read. I used to gush about said books here  & there, than haul them away for safe keeping.

These days I’ve been leaning more towards the pillow and the keyboard as opposed to my first love. Now, apart from just how sad that  sounds in my head, it’s got to stop. So, above are my picks to help me get back into the good graces of the biblio clan. I miss my people.

Do you guys want to join? This month is the no-obligation back to curly book club, wherin you simply need to pick up a book and READ. Doesn’t matter what genre or length – what matters is that you take the time (at least 2 hours a week) to canoodle with a few pages, have an escape plan that doesn’t require you to use your PTO, and treat yourself.

Let me know what’s on your night stand? What stories are you loving?

5 Responses to “On The Night Stand”

  1. L.

    I’m currently re-reading World War Z in preparation of the movie coming out. Been starting to put my list of books together for the Summer. Americanah is definitely on my list. Please let me know how that is. The next book on my to read list will be ‘The Power of Starting Something Stupid’ – Richie Norton. :)

    L. recently posted..The Freakin’ Weekend: 02

    • Chai

      WWZ has been on my to-read list forever!! so far Americanah is pretty amazing…Adichie always paints the perfect story. Will let you know once I’m done. That Norton book looks great as well, adding to my wish list;)!!

  2. Amina

    omg! we have similar tastes! I also have junot diaz and americanah on my nightstand!!!
    I also pre-ordered Edwidge Danticat’s new book…

    • Chai

      ahh!! How could I forget about Danticat. I’ve been trying to read most things in my library, but her’s is a must buy. How are you liking Americanah? I’m glued to every page so far, lol

  3. Amina

    Same here! I remember reading half a yellow page in one night…took a 4 hr nap then went back to it…
    I had to put down Americanah so I can concentrating writing on my dissertation chapter…I love love love the book!!


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