June 7, 2013

Hello, Weekend!

Hey guys! So have we all gotten used to this crazy weather? Raise your rain soaked hands if you were caught in puddles and downpour this week. The caveat of course is that it’s Friday, and this weekend, apart from mentally decompressing and catching up on errands, I am beyond excited (and anxious) to be taking a dance class at the Alvin Ailey Dance School! A friend and I will be  taking a Horton class, which if you take a brief glance at the vid and pics, you know your body is in for something special. Can’t wait. A few links for you before I go…!!

Magic Johnson has my vote for bringing us something this dope & fresh. Catch a sneak peak of new talk show “Exhale” featuring the likes of Issa Rae, Angela Burt Murray, Malinda Williams, Rene Syler & a revolving door of awesome guests

Speaking of awkward, Issa Rae shares sage advice in The Conversation on why she turned down a television show (?!?), figuring out who she was as a person, the best piece of advice she’s ever gotten + more

Popsicles, Natural Hair & How I Stopped Asking for Permission

Jane Carter’s new site is brimming with new products AND awesome insight

I am who I choose to be, you are who you choose to be. Claim this moment, live in it, make the most of it; the most important kind of freedom is be whomever you choose – choose to be happy!

A few co-workers and I test out 5 newly popular juice cleanses on the market, and tell you the good, the bad….& in some cases the TMI

I’m headed to NOLA in less than a month (eeeekkkk!!) to take part in the ESSENCE Festival & have been mentally shopping for cute pieces. This a winna & I shall be on the hunt for this over the weekend. Oh! & the cuteness!

Great advice on Inspiration Hunting round the webs and in life

Easy peezy Banana + Peanut Butter (Diary Free) Ice Cream | I recently signed up for a CSA and can’t wait to create recipes like these!!

Sarah continues to be the Bawse for after scoring an adventure like this one. Tree houses for grown ups!! A woman is contemplating…

Are you reading with me this Summer? I’m a few chapters into Adichie’s latest, Americanah and want to physically lay within the pages already. And my oh my… if you’ve never been introduced. Please listen to The Danger of a Single Story.

She Who Learns Teaches. Andrea sending a powerful message through her art + a charitable donation goes to a beautiful cause

Why is this always so hard? Decide to say something nice….about yourself for a change

Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. Or creative theft? 38 Anthropologie hacks

Oh…and pretty much the BESTEST BOOK GIVEAWAY ever. I wanna em all.

2 Responses to “Hello, Weekend!”

  1. Amina

    Hello there :) have you reached the part where she shares her favorite natural hair brands? I wonder if she has ever stumbled on our blogs :) happy reading

    • Chai

      oh, I haven’t! But I did read an interview where she goes into depth about the whole natural hair evolution. I’ll try to find and post a link, it was so nice to hear her relate/talk about it all. No doubt she’s read a few blogs here and there, lol


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