June 6, 2013

By Way of Brooklyn

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I fell in love with By Way of Brooklyn a ways back when I’d click on a link and jaw drop in awe at the beautiful creativity. A transplant herself, Sarah Kim & her talented team, photographer  Minnow Park and Evan Gubernick transform the stories of those who live, work and play in the borough into a work of art. Literally. From L.A. to Florida to the boogie down Bronx, click over to see more who’ve found their way.

5 Responses to “By Way of Brooklyn”

  1. Sarah Kim

    Thanks so much for the love! I’m actually the founder, Sarah Kim, Minnow is my super talented photographer and my creative director Evan Gubernick lays it all out. I’m so glad you found us! How beautiful is Kivvi and how amazing is her hair? She was just featured on the Sartorialist too!

    • Chai

      you’re welcome & corrected! Thanks, Kim! I did see on the Sartorialist, her smile and style are beautiful

  2. Marcelo

    awesome looking photo shoot! never heard of them until now. Love the style and yes, yes, yes, especially her hair : )


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