May 10, 2013

Wanderlust at Work


This weekend I decided to take a road trip with a few co-workers and immediately thought back to last summer when I took one of  the most incredible trips; away from the city, away from the beat down bustle of the 9-5, and nestled in the still mountains of Colorado.  I shared it with four other inspiring, savvy & smart women who to this day, blow my mind as to how unique and individualistic they each are. I got lucky.


For the first time I crossed bedrocks along a river bank, quieted down, journaled and listened to the rush & silence.


There was this thing called ‘hiking’ that I accomplished, and afterwards wore the largest grin (evidence above).


I can’t begin to explain what that thing above was, but again the smile. It wanted to get out. If you live in a city where bearing down each time you enter a commuter train or cross a street with a mean mug is your default, you may just understand the necessity of smiling without provocation.

Where would I want to go next? Anywhere. Name it, and I’m game. There’s nothing & everything you can learn from taking a chance and embarking on a journey with women (or men), a pack of hungry travelers who bring nothing but positive forces of energy into your space.

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