May 14, 2013

The Reformed Foodie

kale pasta

It’s been a while since I posted any recipes from Chai’s kitchen. The oven doors that were once happily open to experimenting with a myriad of recipes has been unofficially closed for some time, and here’s why. My health became more important.

Late last year I became ill, barely able to get up and out of bed and tend to everyday tasks, let alone cooking or baking.  I began visiting doctor after doctor, took time off work to sort through the crazy, and enlisted the love of my Mum to walk me through it. Literally, I could barely walk without a physical breakdown.

Now, to bypass all the sordid details of diagnoses and follow-up visits to doctor’s that were beyond frustrating, the gist? I decided to go gluten free. To allow my body to heal and get on the path to feeling better, I gave up an old way of eating that quite frankly made me ill. Okay, so if you’re still asking, well…”what is gluten free?” May I defer you to Gluten Free Girl’s most amazing story on the matter and her incredible journey to recovery. Minus the husband, and a few other tidbits, our stories are quite similar (as are many who travel down this path).

So while I don’t have a yummy recipe to share that involves maple glazed frosting, here goes a short list of what you’d need to even begin thinking about going gluten free:

What you’ll need:

  • Patience - making changes to anyone’s diet requires a reserved amount of patience because you are essentially undertaking a life change.
  • Understanding Friends+ Family – You will need folks around you to hold you up and support your decision. For many, going gluten free is a life changing moment – not a trend – so it’s best to have people around you that won’t lead to self sabotage, or worse, guilt.
  • An Open Mind - You will be trying and sampling and incorporating an immense amount of NEW foods into your daily diet, and my advice is to be VERY open minded to every possibility. Much of what I eat today is based of course on how yummy something is, but also sustenance. My pre-thoughts these days? How will this make me feel once my body is done digesting

Believe me, I’m no expert. I’m a beginner to all this, but I’m doing remarkably well in adjusting to a new way of eating that suits all of my body’s needs. If you’re curious about what it takes to go gluten free, please feel free to ask! I dare say, I do not have the answers, but if you are in need of support & or encouragement, I’m here. Also, if you’d like me to post more in depth on my current food lists and what I love to eat these days, let me know.

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  1. Michelle

    I’m interested to know what your typical daily diet consists of. Thanks for sharing!


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