May 2, 2013

That Spring Feeling


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We’re only one day into the month of May and already there’s a strong sense of anticipation in the air as to what the rest of the year will bring. The hippie few seem to always refer to this ‘feeeeling’ as Spring fever because it does feel as if a few tidal waves are mowing you down with each peek of the sun. I LIVE for this.

& whist in the spirit of diving in, yesterday I made an appointment for a LONG overdue trim/cut and breathed a huge sigh of relief in the process. Why had I waited so long?! Foolishness on my part. That, and fear. The big proponent for me starting this blog a few years ago was a dreaded run in with a stylist who wielded her blow dryer/flatiron combo to torture my kinks. It’s taken me quite a while to overcome said trauma. Last documented trim visit to the salon? Circa Summer 2011. Now, if we do the math I’d venture a guess and say that’s a pretty sad period of time to let on neglecting your hair. I’s don’t care whether you’re natural or not, there is no excuse. The care and health of our hair begins with us. The split ends, single strand knots & the increasing difficulty detangling FRO each week had finally pushed up against a wall.

I’m unsure if this unsettling feeling will quietly go away…but the executive decision was made to push through. The growth of FRO has stunted since her ends have been frayed and giving me the sad eye, so onward. Updates TK on the good, the bad….the inevitable.

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  1. Elle

    Hi I would like to know do you get your hair trimmed dry? Wet? When it’s curly? Or straight?
    I ask because in my 6 years of being natural I have only let a salon trim it once. The stylist insisted on trimming my hair wet! I left with it all twisted so I couldn’t tell but we had agreed on an inch. A few days later when I took my twist out I was shocked at how short my hair was!

    My hair length was set back three years! I couldn’t believe it. I have since tried to find out how others trim their hair and most say dry and straight to really know how much is being trimmed. The problem is my hair has not had direct heat in 6 years and I have no intentions of straightening it.

    The one great thing about my cut is the defanging process is almost nonexistent. Seriously, like 15 mins for my whole head. It’s unbelievable how easy maintenance is now. I use to spend about 1 1/2 hours or 20 mins on each quadrant. It’s great to have my life back because hair day use to be a 5-6 hour day!

    Good luck with your trim and you will love the ease of maintenance.
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    • Chai

      Hi Elle

      TO answer your question, I typically get my hair trimmed when wet, BUT the caveat is that I have 100% trust in my stylist when doing this. They have to be a curly haired aficionado to undertake a curly cut, if not I’d say forget it. The last time I had my hair straightened was quite a while ago as well, and it wasn’t pretty. My hair did not take well to the heat – yet my former stylist applied waaaaaay too much! Most “good” stylists today will give you the option of trimming your hair either wet or dry. If you opt for the dry, make sure they simply blow dry the hair (make sure hair’s not soaking wet) then trim! Hair does not have to be bone straight to get a decent trim, the stylist simply has to have a good gauge as to your actual length, otherwise you run the risk of too much snippage.

      I’m sooooo looking forward to better ease when detangling! My hair doesn’t give me too much trouble otherwise. So sorry to hear about your experience, it does get better!


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