May 20, 2013

on a positive note



Today, I figured it would be the best idea to sneak into this Monday, instead of leaping in & causing a stir. The plate will remain full (sometimes that’s just fine), & the intent will still be to accomplish the l’il bits around the office. But because this past weekend was so great, and full of children dancing and the yearly anticipation that is the BAM Dance Africa Festival, my body is on safe mode until the weekend, where chowing down on oxtails and red beans, and buying an inordinate amount of handmade jewelry is not so unusual. It’s just the Brooklyn Way.

Last week I completed my first juice cleanse, yay! This week, however finds my body weaving in and out of cravings for the usual fixins. Have you guys ever tried a juice cleanse, or any kind of cleanse for that matter? The stories are SO real – from the withdrawal like symptoms, crankiness, headaches – tendency to want to eat anything on a plate. So glad I survived, and able to power through. Yesterday amidst a daylong river of rain, I hunkered down to wash FRO, and return back to curly. It’s so very nice to be back.

Make it a good one…

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  1. Moraa

    So glad you mentioned the Bam Dance Africa festival! Hubby and I are having a mini staycation in the city that day and that would be so much fun! Thx Chai!


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