May 8, 2013


cha cha & mom

Today, while putting together arrangements for a special Mother’s Day treat at work, I realized just how fast the day is approaching!  It really is one of those holidays that creep up so quickly, that I often end up racking my brain to find something special to send to my own Mum. Something undeniably her, that it’d end up putting a smile on her face & score me major points in the daughter of the year category. A few years ago I was at my best when I scrambled together an album/scrapbook filled with pictures and memories of her life before marrying my Dad. It was something I had built, and cut and glued and sweated over for days and once done hated parting with.

This year, while I do have a long list of possible gifts and special perfumes and gadgets I could pack away in a box and ship away; nothing appears to be measuring up. This round, I’m blaming it on age. Age & time are mimicking whispers & advising me to replace these things with declarations on gratitude and appreciating the very presence of a person; of family above all else money can buy. And in this case, my Mum…the gratitude of having her in my life is immeasurable. How do you package and ship this?

I’ve talked about Mum before on this blog, and thanks to this book you can read a bit more about our sordid history on FRO and acceptance. But this past weekend as I sought a way to deal with an emergency that was so beyond my reach that it was literally thousands of miles away in a hospital room, and no amount of cell phone calls and long talks with that spiritual compas could calm unspoken fears; I  needed a way to express that gratitude beyond just words.

& because Mother’s Day is this very Sunday, I thought I’d give it a shot.

Any mommies or devoted daughters out there? what are you doing to celebrate?

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