May 26, 2013

manger pres de l’eau


A few weeks ago, a couple of colleagues and I gathered in a car and made an escape to a quiet town in New York, called Saugerties. The Mission? A weekend away to play tennis, munch on well prepared grub and forget about the idea of work-related events spilling over into our days away. Now, even though we were well within the confines of New York, the air and smiles on the faces of strangers made your spirit blissfully aware that you were protected.

During our time away, we followed trails that lead to lighthouses and bed & breakfast hideaways so hypnotizing your heart would’ve surely been tempted to not just linger, but stay, stay stay. We ran into welcoming families grilling on a dock by the lake, snapping pictures and living! They were irresistibly full of life.


…and then it got me thinking. This is the kind of dinner party I’d say yes to attending. The kind where breezes flow freely, and the pace at which you eat is measured simply by when the sun comes up, not down.


And whether it’s official or not, the mere idea of gathering together  for the sake of committing people and relationships to memory seems to be dwindling. Last Thanksgiving I hosted my first dinner & fully understood the truth behind this. A gathering of the more meaningful kind takes time.  Amidst all that life offers to us via the news, social media, the grind of a normal day to day – time seems to be lost in it’s own complicated continuum.  But this summer, we will take our troves of food &  yum across a few waterfronts to picnic in the open, under the sun, but near the water…this time we will be pres de l’eau. I’m making lists.

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    • Chai

      same here! but last year I just picked a day, planned everything bit by bit, and it all came together. It’s always worth it in the end


    absolutely stunning pictures and wonderful idea to head to the beach. I never did such a thing with my current or ex-colleages – we always would just go to restaurants or somebody’s house. Definitely going to suggest an idea like this next time! Plz don’t mind me copying as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – as they say!


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