May 31, 2013

Hello, Weekend!


Despite this week being a day short in terms of the number of treks to the office, it still felt rounded and bursting with nothing but work, life & hustle. & if I were to be completely honest a large part of me ( the stomach mainly) is still recuperating from a weekend binging on a mix of strawberry smoothies, oxtail platters, jerk chicken, and a raw food plate concoction just for good measure. The BAM Dance Africa Festival was beyond amazing, as were the folks who showed up to merry and enjoy the fun. A special wave + thank you goes out to a reader, Cindy for making me smile with her sweet words. Brooklyn will always have my heart for housing the good kind.

Today also marks not only the end of a month, but the finish line of my Blog Every Day in the Month of May. Now, did I accomplish said challenge?  The nutshell sings yes. In the end I felt challenged to share more in this space (that’s saying a lot for an introvert), think more clearly about where I want to take this blog in the future – and  simply reconnect with the joy of sharing with you guys what I’m digging, what FRO’s been up to and maybe even my latest jaunts around town.

So in case you missed, here are a few highlights from the Month of May :

>>> Ruby Woo stole my heart

>>> I share my Top 5 Favorite Blogs

>>> A women took to the camera for a length check vid!

>>> Became GFree and loving it (post TK on my daily diet!)

>>> My First Ever Job

>>> Sunday Rituals & Weekend getaways

>>> Chai’s current Playlist

>>> The Gathering Kind

Wishing you guys a beautiful weekend! See you next week…

4 Responses to “Hello, Weekend!”

  1. April

    Wow. I’ve been away from my blog reading for a little while now and I was pleasantly surprised to log in to my soon-to-be-defunct Google Reader to see so many posts from you. Glad to see you writing more.
    April recently posted..Sunday Love

  2. claudia

    I really enjoyed your blogging in May. Well done for completing the challenge.


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