May 22, 2013

Favorite New Things: A Moisturizing Co-Wash that works!

ouidad curl co-wash


Let me just preface this by saying that I’m typically not one to get excited when a product for naturally curly hair ‘works.’ Just don’t. Mainly because the now old adage is ridiculously true, and that is, what works for one curl may not necessarily work for the other. SO. If product A leaves my hair moisturized, fly and fresh with each use, chances are it may not do the same for another natural gal hoping for the same results. In the common sense world filled with beauty tales, this inevitably makes sense, no?

So when I gathered up my hair arsenal this past weekend to return the curls to their kinky glory, I took a dive and invited Ouidad’s Curl Co-wash to hang, lather and cleanse my strands. The caveat? No stripping…of the hair. I’ve been eyeballing co-wash cleansers for some time, and many have left me with ‘meh’ type reactions. But with only a few pumps into our post-scalp ritual, I could instantly tell a difference!

Sulfate free, Silicone free – but really you don’ need any of it. FRO took to this kind of straight on. I mean soaked it all in, low-lathered just enough to get the strands clean, but left hair soft. Great for natural hair that is tightly coiled, and highly textured – the creamy oily blend of conditioners works incredibly well to reduce frizz without leaving it dry. Best to work this into hair while in sections (you use a lot less with this method), leave on for 2-3 minutes (the Black Cumin Seed & Jamaican Black Oil need to work!), then rinse clean.

Future summer staple? Yessir. I’ve deemed these coming months up-do season, which means great products + easy styles must go hand in hand.

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