May 15, 2013

Don’t Forget To Let Go…



I’ve recently returned to an old love of collecting notes, writing down phrases and quotes that would enable me to see things more clearly. I’m a collector, of many many things, including journals, old letters, lists. Tons of misc.

But today I needed to be reminded of why it’s is emphatically necessary to leave the mistakes of the past in the past and release the abuse of trying to live up to this preconceived notion of what we ought to be, say & do. In reality, I am a huge fan of comparison shopping. It’s how I roll when I’m in search of a deal on shoes, clothes, bags, gym memberships, you name it, I’ll widdle the price down to only what I see fit as the ‘right price.’

But where I draw the line? This thing of comparing my actions, goals & intentions against another person. No one wins this game, and today I was reminded of that. Our lives, our journeys…our pathways to something greater than all of our preconceived notions, cannot live in someone else’s pocket. No one can dispose of your dreams unless you hand them over or worse, let down your guard.

Do you ever find yourself comparing your life, your succeses and hurdles against someone else?

Well, stop it. For serious…abandon that method of living, cuz I’m almost certain it ain’t working. There’s work to do, and this world needs all of you. & me.

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