May 25, 2013

Current Top 5 Albums

I’ll admit, I’ve gradually morphed into a woman who watches much of the current music awards with eyes wide open. Meaning, to get through most of the show, I’d need my 16 year old cousin at my side to reference much of the ‘talent’ that comes across my screen. Alas, I’ve settled into this role (seriously, did you guys see the American Music Awards?!?!), and feel no qualms about returning to what I love. The good stuff to me lives in my current music rotation; here are a few selects that are getting the most play.

brothers in bamako

A random discovery while rifling through iTunes foreign market section – I downloaded immediately. I can easily run through this album while sitting down and twisting up FRO and watch as the time flies. It soothes, and calms and makes you glad for good music. Album Highlight: track # 12 Blowin in the Wind


I discovered Emele a wee bit before the States began to eat her musical goodness up. Another amazing british import singer song writer, I’m excited to hear her perform live at this year’s Essence Festival down in the NOLA. Album Highlight: track#4 Wonder


The Stuyvesants have released an amazing library of work since Brooklyn’s Finest, but this currently is a running favorite, and ongoing subway ride jam. Did I mention downloads for said library of work is free? Get it, enjoy and share.  Album Highlight: track #9 Do Anything

how i got over

I can sit anywhere, anytime and live within this album – have been doing so since it debuted a few years ago. I may listen to this 3 times in a day for 5 weeks straight, take a reprieve – but always return. How good? SOOOOO good, hard to choose a fav track.


I half expected not to take to Solange’s latest EP, simply because I had not been impressed with anything on the circuit lately. But this is holding steadfast as my in-office jam, morning wakkie wakkie ritual & even weekend washing the FRO music break. Album Highlight: track #4 Locked in Closets

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