May 4, 2013

Chai’s Picks! 5 Favorite Blogs

When I first began blogging over six years ago, rarely did I glance or ‘follow’other bloggers. Granted, the landscape was drastically different compared to today. Social media, big brand interventions and the speed at which we digest it all is enough to make you weary! But these days, to hunker down and pick a few favorites seems like such a task. Realistically? There are massive amounts of awesome bloggers & creatives doing their thing in the digital realm. Today, I share 5 that I adore & turn to continuously for some uplift, inspiration and to be reminded of why we do what we do.


LOVE. LIFE. EAT.  – I sincerely cannot think of a single blog I turn to as religiously as I do this. Felicia has a miraculous way of spilling the story of her travels and food adventures on the page so as to force you to face your own Q&A’s on life. I turn here to remind me of the craft of blogging and why it’s important  to sanctify your space, be it in the social media realm or behind a brick wall – guard it.

PARK & CUBE - Writer & graphic designer Shini Park is London based & covers everything from fashion to food to some freaking amazing DIY projects. A girls girl, her style always leaves me envious and scouring the webs for ways to pull of a smilar look.

All the Many Layers – I’ve been a fan of GG’s writing circa her old stomping ground, The Write Curl Diary & this new venture feels almost like kismet.  A writer who yearns to “give you tools to navigate your life with grace and guts,” you are immediately tempted to put in the work of becoming your best self after reading.

Oh Joy! - I’ve lost count as to the mounting designer-esque blogs in my feed & on the webs, but  Joy Cho’s efforts leaves a smile on my face each time a post goes live. Bloggers who remain innovative while humble are such a treat!

Party Over Hair - (okay, how cute is this name!) A new favorite add to my Feedly list, L has turned POH into a natural hair & lifestyle blog that’s incredibly informative. & an honest confession? It’s refreshing to see fresh and useful content on a blog devoted to natural hair.

I could really go on with the Blog Lovin, but if you guys have a few favorite daily stomping grounds, do share.

7 Responses to “Chai’s Picks! 5 Favorite Blogs”

  1. Shen Dove

    I love hearing about other people’s favorite blogs! I’m only familiar with one blog on your list, Oh Joy, but hers has been a favorite of mine for a while too.

  2. L.

    Awwww thank you so much for throwing me on the list! You are definitely one of my new favorite blogs, finally got the chance to catch up on all your latest posts today! Thank you for the S/O hun!

    Stay awesome!

    L. recently posted..The Weekly Rundown: 04/22-04/26

  3. Olivia Mill

    thank you so much for throwing me on the list! You are definitely one of my new favorite blogs . you could visit my blog that talk about some useful stuff of how to treat hair loss naturally .


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