May 1, 2013

A Ruby then a Woo



Well, hi there! My name is Chai (Chatel if you’re fancy, my Mum or reading my byline) and there’s this small confession I have to make. I am addicted to challenges. Yes! You too?! Okay, so here’s the thing. I embark on them, tear apart their meaning and evangelize the fact that everyone should partake because you will always and forever be the better person for having completed…said….challenge. But get this! I secretly never finish. No need to doubt, this blog  cannot hide certain discretions.  But I say all that to say, that while I may never complete a’challenge’ 100%, the one ‘thing’ that I opt not to do, is give up. Most days, the most fun you can have is taking that first leap, embarking and seeing where you land.  And well, perhaps learning a few things along the way.Thus, here’s today’s first post in Blog Every Day In May. (<—-not a typo)

So, what’s with the above photo. Simply? A recent pic that I’m most proud of. Taken and posted on Instagram a few weeks ago, it took guts because Ruby Woo made her debut and I was nervous. Growing up as a woman of color I had a hard time believing that I could wear red. My mum made it a staple in her daily beauty routine for eons upon years, but for reasons unbeknownst to my own common sense I decided that rouge, the color of a confident woman… meanders no where near my precious pout. I believed this until only a few weeks ago while chatting with my editor, that maybe….or rather, undoubtedly – any woman can wear red lipstick. And feel damn good about it. Now, you may say, “silly”…but I say, victory. The things we carry, the ideas we believe. As aesthetically daft as they may seem, carry weight and eventually reveal their purpose. In this case, tiny whispers showing me that there’s always more sense in never giving up.

Have you guys faced a challenge recently? How did you overcome?

4 Responses to “A Ruby then a Woo”

  1. Mango

    I was just writing up a page dedicated to challenges called ‘things to do’ … basically listing stuff I want to accomplish and wearing red lipstick was one of them – specifically ruby woo! (you go girl). I was/am challenging myself to wear red lipstick for a whole week (different shades though) – for some this would not mean anything but, like you being a woman of colour I’ve had my own hang ups about wearing bright colours on my lips especially red.

    … With that said I have overcome my fear of wearing a full face of makeup :). Nowadays I’ll put it on and wear it outside instead of washing it off – yipee!! Oh and I have begun to wear higher shoes, not high heels (wedges) but it’s a start … I have other things I want to accomplish but for now the small and maybe fickle ones will start me off.

    I love challenges and reading about bloggers/vloggers challenges always inspires me to do something. You’re so right we should not give up on positive change … & yes even if you don’t finish a challenge you still learn something from it :) !!

    btw Ruby Woo looks beautiful on you :) !!!

  2. Janey

    I’ve always been jealous of people who can wear lipstick so comfortably, because I have always had massive issues and assumed that everyone is looking at me and thinking I look ridiculous! But I’ve recently decided that a) other women probably have their own issues and worry about the colour they are wearing, and b) who cares? If I like the colour, that’s what should be important!

    This is a great colour on you, so I’m glad you feel good about it! It’s a fab photo, definitely something to be proud of!

    I’m just stopping by from the BEDM list to say hi, and good luck for the rest of the challenge! :)


  3. Terri

    Good for you!! I’m excited to read your blog each day in May and red indeed looks good on you!!

  4. A Big Butt and a Smile

    I feel you on not finishing challenges. I am a secret not challenge finisher either. On my personal blog I have a list of challenges I’m supposed to complete. Have I? I was close once. 30 Days of No Ice Cream – I made it to day 29…lol. SMH.

    With that said, you are right..anyone can wear red lipstick. It is just matter of finding the right shade of red for you and on that front you seem to have succeeded. Good Luck on your challenge. I’m rooting for you!
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