April 29, 2013

[on a positive note]



I won’t lie, it’s been a busy few days here on the BTC end.  Whew! In between undertaking a few personal projects and meeting deadline after deadline, this thing called sharpening your creative edge has temporarily taken a backseat. I say temporarily because this past weekend I became fed up. The not writing, the still dreaming, the over-thinking, the non-committing, etc., tends to take it’s toll. My creatives understand this itch, yes? The greatness is there, such is your spirit, heart and plight. They mingle together in an odd brew until you wonder what to do.

What do you do?

This is the stuff you save for the Moleskin or handcrafted journal, I know. But once upon a blog, well….folks actually blogged and jotted down this stuff. And because it’s been a long kind of Monday, I took to here to share because it’s something I used to do & kind of missed.

It’s a wee bit late on a Monday night, but hoping your start to the week has been visited by great promise. We all deserve to see ourselves as believers, dreamers & thinkers, even when we continue to doubt the most obvious.

**Hair Note: FRO has taken returned to the pre-poo and delved into this. Deets TK!

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