April 5, 2013

Hair Loves: Eden Body Works Curl Defining Creme



A few weeks ago a friend and I made our way to an event celebrating the release of the new Coconut Shea Collection from Eden Body Works. The actual intent was  to do a quick drive by, because well…we hadn’t seen each other in much too long, and the look of overdue hunger was strewn across our face; it’d been a long day at work. But as the event picked up, and the likes of Felicia Leatherwood began to spill on the importance of clarifying your scalp, and the inspiring Jasmine Lawrence (owner at only 21 yrs!) took to the floor to explain her life’s passion, I soon realized this was no ‘ordinary’ event.


Attendees were not only treated to a talk on hair, beauty & fashion, but a bevy of information on the new line, which includes a collection of five “must-have” styling aids : Pudding Soufflé, Leave-in Conditioner, Co-wash, Curl Creme, and Edge Gel. Luckily, those in attendance were able to sneak home a few new goodies from the collection to try. My prize? The Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme, a styling aide formulated reduce shrinkage, help tame frizz & define and separate curls.

Lately I’ve been on a rade of the ol beauty stash, and decided to purge the lot of puddings and cremes, so to give this styling product a ‘go’ meant I was especially giddy to see the results! So what did I love?

Price: at $8.99 for a 16oz jar this already has ‘staple’ potential because it’s super affordable

Performance: I generally love when I can say this….but YES! A little bit goes a long way, so use a smidge when twisting, plaiting or setting hair. I used to set hair into medium sized twists, left in for 3-4 days, then rocked a twist-out. The smell of coconuts is not overpowering, so headaches will not ensue should you find yourself heavy handed.

Availability: As of April 1st, the full Eden Body Works collection, including the Coconut Shea line will be up for grabs online, and at select local Walmart stores starting May 1st. 

Verdict: I’d use again, particularly with the warmer months approaching. My biggest hair dilemma during the spring & leading into the summer is the increase in halo frizz. No matter what product I tend to cling to, FRO defies all odds and morphs into cousin IT. For those gearing up for wash-n-go season, this is a strong contender considering it tapps itself as being “humidity resistant.” I really do love how little you can use to achieve your desired look. With so many products still hitting the shelves, affordability is playing a pivotal role in if/when I commit to buying something.

If you guys have tried hair goodies from the Eden Body Works Collection, or better yet…if you have already attended an Eden Body Works event in your city, spill! Let me know how it went, what you loved, didn’t lurve…! 

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  1. Lotta

    I absolutely love the Eden Body Works Defining Creme. It really defined my curls/waves. It elongated my 2 strand twists as well so I didn’t experience a lot of shrinkage. It was moisturizing and added shine…..okay I could go on but the bottom line is “I Love It!”


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