July 16, 2012

Summer Hair Pick: In Review | Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Cream

It’s taken me a while to finally dip into the pocket and whip out funds to try something new in the natural hair aisles that are spontaneously springing up everywhere. But low and behold, my bestie Tarjay has adopted the best of the best in natural hair goodies over the past few months, and finally stocked a wider variety of products! I’ve been eyeing the Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream since it debuted some time back, and with the new 6 oz now available in stores, I snagged, tried….and have to admit it’s a strong contender in the product rotation.

For the longest I’ve wondered HOW to use. The slight trepidation comes from a product that’s touted to be used mainly for wash-n-go’s, something FRO has officially grown out of. The consistency is also quite light, though still creamy and coats hair well when applied. Here’s a tip though! You want to follow directions, and start with wet hair. Applying to damp/dry hair can cause flaking, or have less than desired results. I opted for my official fallback, the two-strand twist. Results?

FRO stayed moisturized for the better part of 7 days (with the occasional remoisturizing) and held her own. Would I use this as a stand alone styler? Probably not. It dries fairly quick, and I find stylers that are quick to dry = slight crunch. I opted to use a leave-in condish underneath before applying. Added benefit of the cream? Elongation! FRO had some hangtime with her twists which allowed me to see her length progress.

The twist-out results were fair (considering the humid temps).

This is a hands down Summer favorite because of how well it moisturizes (you might have to experiment with application), stands up against the summer heat, and you use quite a small amount to get the job done. A 6 oz jar will certainly last you several weeks if used consistently.

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