July 14, 2012

Sights, Sounds – Streets & Food of NOLA

There’s much too much to love and leave behind when it comes to visiting New Orleans, but with my second visit officially in the books this past week, it’s getting a lot easier. While hitting up the ESSENCE Music Festival is always the main draw each and every year around the July 4th holiday, you could land on the streets of NOLA any time of the year and feel the warmth of the people, FOOD, and indulge in the beautiful architecture. This trip I had GOALS = food hotspots, MUSIC, food hotspots, relax, sightsee….

Kept it simple, because if you’ve been to the ESSENCE Music festival, you understand that it’s best to keep expectations high, your itinerary flexible and ready for just about anything. Tons of pics taken, but here’s the best of the best that captured what a great time I had.

Had the mussels & grits for main lunch over at Emeril’s on Tchoupitoulas, and saved enough room for this yummy rum chocolate bread pudding.

It was incredibly hot during my five day stay, so walking through the streets snapping more than a few pics was a HUGE accomplishment! The side streets of NOLA are not to be ignored though, lots of cute shops and hidden treasures to discover

Finally made it to the Carol’s Daughter Pop-Up Suite on Decatur to preview the new Hair Milk Collection. Picked up the new Hair Milk Pudding and can’t wait to get hands on other goodies from the revamped line!

Hair demos and celebrity appearances rocked the beautiful space

Preview of the new Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Pudding to come. Have you guys peeked or tried the new line? Thoughts? Very curious about the Hair Milk leave-in, haven’t tried in quite a few years!

2 Responses to “Sights, Sounds – Streets & Food of NOLA”

  1. Chinye

    Aww these pictures remind me of my time dowin in NOLA! I absolutely fell in love with the city….the charm, the buildings, the people, THE FOOD! Must go back soon!

    • Chai

      totally agree! everything about this city makes me want to go back and visit, such a beautiful place


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