• Olivia

    Thank you Chai for sharing this, it is indeed interesting and I enjoy discussions like this. This is definitely a documentary to look out for! Overall, everyday I am happy to be natural and I enjoyed every stage and will continue to embrace this journey.

    • http://backtocurly.com Chai

      I’m really looking forward to the final product, looks amazing so far

  • Cynthia Butare

    This is my first time reading this! Thank you so much!
    First of all, we changed our username … it’s not KickinKinks, rather than kiwtkinks.
    So here where you can find us: http://www.facebook.com/KickinKinks, http://www.twitter.com/KickinKinks, http://www.YouTube.com/KickinKinks, http://www.pinterest.com/KickinKinks and http://www.instagram.com/KickinKinks.

    The film has been screened 21 times in the UK, US (in New York twice and in Washington D.C.), Canada, Nigeria, Namibia, Zambia, with French subtitles in France, Belgium and Switzerland and finally with German subtitles in Germany.
    We are hoping that we will screen this year in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Norway.

    Finally, the film will be online (YouTube) on the 16th February 2014! The versions with French and German subtitles will be available later this year.

    Thanks for the share!! <3

    • http://backtocurly.com/ Chatel

      thank you for the update!!

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