July 30, 2012

Kick it With Your Kinks! | Afro-Textured Hair Revisited

It’s still pretty amazing to see the push to go natural reach further across the pond, beyond the scope of just what we’re able to see here in the US. I’m not certain I’ve ever called this growing push a ‘trend’ because I largely disagree with that categorization, but it is encouraging to see the actual conversation behind the choice to go natural further explored.

Kickin’ it With the Kinks, produced by Cynthia Butare and presented by Mundia Situmbeko is getting some great buzz with interviews from celebrity hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood, Founder of MyHairitage Ansylla Ramseyand, and a bevy of beautiful natural women sharing their insight on their natural hair experiences. The documentary is currently touring London, but fingers crossed a premier in the US of A is in the works?!

KICKIN’ IT WITH THE KINKS is a documentary that explores the complexities of haircare among women and especially among women of African descent. While many have opted to be part of the growing trend of ‘going natural’ others continue to go through great lengths to achieve unnaturally long flowy hair.

The history of afro-textured hair is re-visited, norms derived from these explored and the dangers of chemical products unveiled. Mundia, a Manchester based student, explores this area further. She documents the reality of how much time, effort and money women dedicate to their hair and also meets with specialists who are able to give insightful points into the history of afro textured hair and the ever booming hair product and hair extension industries.

You can follow the trails of these ladies and where they’ll be next by checking out theirĀ Twitter, YouTube and by hitting up their FB page!

4 Responses to “Kick it With Your Kinks! | Afro-Textured Hair Revisited”

  1. Olivia

    Thank you Chai for sharing this, it is indeed interesting and I enjoy discussions like this. This is definitely a documentary to look out for! Overall, everyday I am happy to be natural and I enjoyed every stage and will continue to embrace this journey.

  2. Cynthia Butare

    This is my first time reading this! Thank you so much!
    First of all, we changed our username … it’s not KickinKinks, rather than kiwtkinks.
    So here where you can find us: http://www.facebook.com/KickinKinks, http://www.twitter.com/KickinKinks, http://www.YouTube.com/KickinKinks, http://www.pinterest.com/KickinKinks and http://www.instagram.com/KickinKinks.

    The film has been screened 21 times in the UK, US (in New York twice and in Washington D.C.), Canada, Nigeria, Namibia, Zambia, with French subtitles in France, Belgium and Switzerland and finally with German subtitles in Germany.
    We are hoping that we will screen this year in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Norway.

    Finally, the film will be online (YouTube) on the 16th February 2014! The versions with French and German subtitles will be available later this year.

    Thanks for the share!! <3


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