July 21, 2012

7-Day Natural Hair Refresher Course

Turns out I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys. Yeah, it’s been a while since we canoodled in this space so it’s totally my fault for under sharing, but alas…I’m here to confess. Fro & I have both set out to tackle unchartered territory, something we’ve secretly found comfort in after reaching a milestone in this natural hair journey thang. Turns out, this 7-day hair affair that often seems like an anomaly when it comes to natural hair, has quietly become our only way to cope with an unpredictable work schedule + social life. For serious, it’s not just a ‘thing,’ it’s our weekly practice that has benefited the overall health of Fro. We’ve recently hit a pretty nifty length goal!! (separate post to come!)

So once upon a blog, I laid out a few tips & tricks on how I’m able to hit the 7-day plateau. And while not much has changed in terms of technique, the PJ fingers have reached for a few new goodies to help with the routine. But because I’ve already told you the goodness of the Pooka, I will lay down a disclaimer and shout to the high heavens….that a butter of this consistency may not be your natural hair’s bestie during the summer months. FRO ADORES this butter, may it be high July or bone cold December. She’s thirsty year round for some buttah and hair spritz. In moderation? Yes. For a slather session?…No bueno.

What I do find is that I’m using my fav butters quite less, maybe even just about half the amount that’s often necessary to maintain moisture, but still nonetheless using quite regularly. A great alternative, especially for fine haired naturals that must avoid heavy tings such as this, is the Jane Carter Nourish and shine. If you’re looking for a a hair goodie that will treat dry hair (and skin!) and offer the kind of shine curls crave, reach for this. It’s non-heavy, non -greasy, and smells pretty amazing. Did I mention you can find the entire Jane Carter line down the fancy aisles of Tarjay these days?!  Sales abound here on the regular, so keep eyes peeled. You’re welcome;)

Hair tricks aside, if you’re bent on avoiding the grease monster this Summer…avoid STYLING the hair with a butter based product, and stick to a water based moisturizer. I try to maintain the moisture during the week with my fav oil based products, and rely heavily on water based products to add moisture on wash day. Added benefit? You significantly reduce any buildup in the hair leading up to wash day. #Win.

8-Day Hair!!

I’ll be sharing a few new adjustments to Fro’s routine in another post, including a length update!

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    • Chai

      lol, same here! But I love how it kind of sneaks up on you. Makes me feel I’ve been doing something right;)

  1. Manny

    Your hair looks VERY good but also different than usual. Did you cut yourself some bangs?


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