May 2, 2012

Foodie Files: Naan Reinvented the Stonefire Way

Late last week a few co-workers and I stole away to an amazingly beautiful loft in SoHo to indulge in a taste testing event centered around the multi-purpose, multi-awesome Naan!

Essentially, a #foodies dream to be served variations of the yummiest of foods all evening long, but thanks to Stonefire I was able to pick up a few tips to carry home.

Noshed on delicious appetizers to start

Our gracious hosts explaining  the secret behind Stonefire Breads.

Good food is best shared with other #foodies…yes.

Even tried our hand at a few recipes & helped out in the kitchen

So…appaarently you can make an easy Pesto/Chicken/Basil/ Panini using Naan. Very Yum!

Inspired and hungry…a woman went home armed with Naan to make this yummy Banana Foster dessert. Easy and delicious. Click for recipe.

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