March 18, 2012

A Stone Of Hope in DC

Early last month a woman decided to pack up a single bag, upend a few tired routines and book a two night stay in the heart of Washington DC with the only intent being to explore, eat & give thanks. This was a much-needed trip (never been to the nation’s capital before) and quietly eased some worries that’d begun to blossom into stubborn insecurities. Many pics were taken of delicious food, monumental spots, friends (new & old). Late, but still fun to look back.

Frequented Busboys and Poets pretty much every single day after eating this plate of goodness. Can’t wait to go back.

Met up with a few friends, the always entertaining Sheena and the lovely GG from Write Curl Diary.

The fabulousness that was High Brunch at Eatonville.

Zora the Great

Yes, geekery was displayed in front of the Big House( yay!).

(even more geekery)

Had SUCH a great time, already mentally planning another trip back. Any DC peeps out there? What should I add to the list of places to eat/see on the next trip?

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  1. Cherish

    You are truly my hair idol. I feel like my growth is at a stand still. How much hair is too much to lose when combing and detangling. How do you maintain length? You could make it a post if you like. Your fro is an inspiration!!!

  2. April

    You should definitely visit the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon. It is such a beautiful memorial and it breaks your heart to know what happened there. The way they did it was so thoughtful. By the placement and carvings you know who died from the plane and who from the Pentagon. You also know who was traveling with family and who the oldest and youngest victims were. You can follow the year of your birth and know everyone your age that was a victim. It really makes you think on so many different levels. It’s amazing.
    April recently posted..Hiya!

    • Chai

      thanks, April. I will have to on a return visit. It was raining on my trip and couldn’t squeeze in the time, on the list though

  3. African Violet

    I really like your pictures! I’m especially loving the one at the King memorial. Did you go early in the morning because I don’t know how you managed to get a picture with no one surrounding that stone image?

    • Chai

      lol, I finally made it to the monument towards late afternoon. It’d started to rain just as I took the pic, so folks were slightly running for cover. I really wanted the shot, such a beautiful space;)

  4. Born25

    I love your haaair. The curls it gives the edge in your face. Well anyways, good thing you enjoy your life. Traveling and eating this delicious savory foods. That’s life, making it worth living.
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  5. keisha

    Love your pics and glad you had a great time! I need a NY friend! I am DYING to come and explore but don’t know anyone. I have come to get my hair cut from DC. I went to Hair Rules to Anthony Dickey! Do you go anywhere to get your hair cut there or do you do it yourself?

  6. Niah

    So glad you came down to visit. please send out a buzz when you plan to visit again, because i would love to be in the mix. your hair gives me life! Lol! As far as must eats, Busboys was my fave when i first moved here and still is, but check out Front Page for brunch in the DuPont area of DC. If you like Sushi, Oya is fab! Matchbox is awesome and of course Ben’s Chilli Bowl on U Street NW. Can’t come to DC and not visit this historic spot. The food is good too. :). Oh, and if you come on a nice weekend, definitely check out Eastern Market, which is on Saturdays and Sundays until 5pm. Its an outdoor market with everything your heart could desire! Definitely hit up Chinatown for a plethra of restaurants and just people watching in general. Last but not least, during the summer there is this function called Drummers Circle at Malcolm X Park (a.k.a Meridian Park) in DC (15th and V st, NW DC) every Sunday from sun up to sun down. It is AMAZING! The atmosphere is awesome. People from every background come here to dance to the drummers beats. It’s freedom literally. Just having fun, dancing, some people do yoga, thai chi, frisbee, soccer, just name it. Its like being on the college yard but better. Let me know if you need a tour guide. :D
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