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  1. Rose
    January 14, 2012

    Love your blog! How did you know your hair needed a protein treatment?

    • Chai
      January 14, 2012

      Hey Rose! After a hunch, I did some research & came across a few articles, including this one:
      My hair had been experiencing these ‘symptoms’ for a while & because I was always scared of protein treatments I never thought anything of it. But, I really do think it’s about finding the right balance for your hair. I try not to over do it (just once a month) and the hair feels much better;)

  2. Rose
    January 15, 2012

    Oh okay.
    Thanks so much for the info!

  3. gabby
    January 24, 2012

    I loved this post! i definitely need to try this technique. your hair looks extremely healthy!!! i love it!

    • Chai
      January 27, 2012

      thanks, Gabby;))

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