December 27, 2011

Treat Your Natural Hair to a Rosemary Oil Conditioning Treatment

This really is that time of year where many of us focus a bit more on preserving the moisture quotient in our hair, and hopefully the hair pantry this winter is fully stocked with the absolute essentials?! Yes…no? Maybe?

The transition to more winter friendly hair products really doesn’t have to be an over-thinking process, particularly when you’re aware of which areas in your routine to pay a bit more attention to. Deep conditioning is probably thee numero ONE area of any curly girl’s routine that gets the most tweaking and experimentation…& probably for good reason.

Deep conditioning should be the corner stone to any gals hair routine…simply because you’re able to reep the most benefits that lead to healthy hair. Set your strands up with the most nutrient rich, balanced conditioner on a weekly basis & you’ll never look back. A few weeks ago I added a heavy duty conditioning oil to my arsenal of DC’ers and instantly knew I’d found something special for FRO & I to adore!

I wasn’t formally introduced to Welda Rosemary Oil until aimlessly roaming the aisles of Whole Foods several months back, yet knew it was something special just based on the claims alone. A natural conditioning oil treatment formulated with Rosemary Oil & burdock root to help soothe the scalp and able to restore moisture to hair and improve overall manageability….I was instantly sold.

When a product requires just a little to get the job done, it’s always a keeper. With only a few drops added to hair when deep conditioning, your hair will instantly see results. You’ll notice hair with more shine and softness you thought only reserved for the creamiest of condishes! The oil almost instantly penetrates once applied and works best when leaved on anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Try sitting under a heating cap and hair should feel like buttah!

I fell head over heals for this treatment and incorporated it to several areas of the hair routine. Because Rosemary Oil has amazing antibacterial benefits for the scalp, I apply small portions to the pads of my fingers and massage onto the scalp when wearing a protective style or prior to untwisting and rockin a twist-out. The smell is refreshing without being overpowering and because it’s incredibly versatile it’s great to add to some of your favorite deep conditioners for maximum effectiveness.

If you’ve tried Rosemary Oil in the past, you’re already privy to how awesome it is! What oils or deep conditioners are you using this winter?

5 Responses to “Treat Your Natural Hair to a Rosemary Oil Conditioning Treatment”

  1. Lavendar

    Yes! I discovered this oil a few years ago. It really is a great treatment. I use that and Carol’s Daughter Lisa’s Hair Elixir. It also has rosemary, sage, and peppermint; and I add a little eucalyptus oil as well. I cover that with Aubrey Organics Rosemary and Peppermint conditioner and sit with a heat cap. The tingle is amazing. It really hydrates my hair and stimulates and nourishes my scalp. It’s been great for this indoor dry heat and outdoor cold air. If you don’t mind the scalp tingle, you really should try it!

    • Chai

      I completely forgot about Lisa’s Elixir…! used to use it quite often years ago too, might have to revisit when this runs low…& I LOVE a great scalp tingle;))

  2. Amy

    I own a bottle of Rosemary Oil by Weleda but I stopped using it because it made my hair dry. I didn’t understand why until I noticed that one of the top ingredients was Alcohol Denat. I don’t know if it’s because of that or just because my hair doesn’t like this oil.

    • Chai

      really? Hmmm…will look out for this, but been mostly using it on wet hair. the shine definitely increases this way

  3. Rai

    my hair is def shinier and smoother since I started using rosemary oil. I also use shea butter which is also amazing for my coily hair


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