December 31, 2011

Promises, Butterflies, and goodbye to 2011…

Strange again to be back here saying farewell to another year…but so it goes. I decided against putting together a year in favorites, because frankly…it all resembles last year’s list, so definitely check that out. This year I’ll be ringing in 2012 home, watching Bridesmaid’s, baking, cooking and appreciating what a rollercoaster of  a year it’s been.

I think like a bajillion other folks, this year began with more than a handful of promises to do better, feel better and accomplish more than in previous years…but  typically something else happens. Something more resembling many of life’s lessons that you’d give your right leg to ignore and never repeat. This is me vouching for me….but even if it is hard to count all of 2011 as Joy, I’d love to embrace it as the year I learned the most, grew intentionally…and experienced the beauty of being present in every moment.

I began journaling again, turned 3-0, finally attended a few of those events that leave me with butterflies, became inspired, rediscovered a love for sharing & baking, understood the true nature of Good Neighbors, took a dive and made a video,  became a Cover Girl, made a list of goals,  overcame an old fear, lost a beloved one, gained an angel, lost a job, reclaimed a few lost dreams, watched Her fall in love, made some new friends, ventured outside the box, squashed a few myths, realized just how far we’ve all come in our journeys , attended a blogging conference, realized a once unattainable dream and believed.

No resolutions in this corner except the continuous goal of living with purpose. I am grateful for this here space to share with you guys my jests and stories on this journey. Incredibly humbled that you read, support, converse, e-mail, fan, like…whatevs. I’m grateful for you, inspired by your continuous kind words…and aim to break down a few more walls to bring you more awesome.

If you are closing this year out with confetti & a BANG…Salut! If you will be joyously saddled between a sofa and blankets noshing on cupcakes & dip…Cheers! I’ll be right there with you…but let’s make plans to meet back here again next year;)

6 Responses to “Promises, Butterflies, and goodbye to 2011…”

  1. Kemi

    I agree, I don’t think that I’ll be making any resolutions this year. But I definitely have some goals that I totally fell off of this year.

    I achieved some things that I thought were impossible and like you I’ve learned embrace it getting older because I know how much I have changed from even 2 or 3 years ago.

    I have alot of things to do in 2012!
    Kemi recently posted..My Top Albums of 2011!

    • Chai

      don’t you love seeing your personal growth over the years….? Whether it’s the result of good or bad moments, it all amounts to some great learning experiences. Happy New Year;)!

  2. Carla

    I always love reading “End of the Year” posts. It seems like you’ve managed to accomplish and experience a lot of things this year. Kudos to you!

    My New Year’s will also be spent at home, in my bed, probably sipping a little Verdi and watching Columbiana. LOVE that movie!
    Carla recently posted..12DOC: 6 & 7

  3. April

    I think this is the best end-of-year post I have read so far. I am joining you in the effort to continue to live with purpose. I think that is the best any of us should strive to do. It covers all the bases without putting too much pressure on the situation. Whatever I tackle, whether I succeed or fail, I do it with purpose.
    April recently posted..Merry Christmas


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