December 5, 2011


So this week marks the beginning of a new series here on the blog that I’m really excited to get started! “SELF-DEFINED” will bring about the minds of some of the most creative, daring, inspiring women accomplishing amazing things in their lives. And to kick things off I decided to re-introduce a woman that I’ve come to know through yummy brunches, inspiring natural hair meetups and…. none other than Twitter several months back. Meet Sheena.

Introduce us to Sheena in one sentence

“I am a being; a spirit; a soul…manifesting in many forms, usually via creative, sensual & spirited ways.”

Tell us how you came upon your natural hair journey

“I came upon my journey out of curiosity, frustration and a desire to try something else. I felt as if I was putting too much energy into maintaining straight hair and I wanted a more authentic, natural approach. It took me awhile to start wearing my hair natural but eventually I did. This year marks my 7th year natural after that initial BC.”

How would you describe your relationship with your hair today compared to when you first BC’d?

“When I first BC’d the connection I had with my hair was one of trepidation. I was scared. I was curious but I was very nervous. Natural hair was all new to me and I didn’t fully understand what was going on. These days, I know my hair. I know what works and doesn’t work. I know exactly what to give. It can be similar to having a relationship with a person. When you first meet, it’s a new discovery and you kind of approach it carefully. But after 7 years of knowing someone or something, you get it, you understand it and it’s much easier to relate to. Even still, 7 years later…I make new discoveries and that’s fun as well.”

What sets this BC apart for your other experiences so far

“This BC was different for a number of reasons. One, I filmed the whole thing. (There is a 4 part mini series on my youtube channel) I have no record of the two BC’s before. Two, I was emotionally in a different place. With my first BC, it was mainly out of frustration. With my second BC it was out of anger. With this BC, it was just because. I was ready for something different. I wanted to try a short cut. I wanted some of my time back.”

Has rockin a natural/short cut influenced other aspects in your life (friends, loved ones…etc.)

“I have more time for friends & loved ones because I’m not in the bathroom doing a 3 hour two strand twist. LOL. The only thing I noticed and this may be TMI for your audience is that it influences my sex life. Its one less thing a man can grab in the moment and I do miss that little tug. OH…and it has changed the way I pole dance. A lot of emphasis is put on hair…playing in it, flipping it, hiding behind it and I can’t do that. So I move differently. I’m a more in your face dancer and rather than my hair, I let other parts of my body take the lead.”

Let’s talk hair products! what are you currently using, loving for your Fro?

“I use nature’s gate shampoo & conditioner most times. I’ve also been making my way through the little bottles I’ve collected from hotels during my travels. Since my hair is short, I feel as if I can experiment more. So I’ve been using a lot of those random but really good smelling shampoo/conditioners that come from hotels. (Takes up less space in my bathroom too!) The only other thing I use is a diy leave in conditioner that I spray on daily.”

What does it love now, compared to it’s longer days…

“I think my hair loves the independence of not being micro-managed. I joke but perhaps that’s true. When my hair was longer I had to take extreme care of it. Detangling took FOREVER. Twisting it took a long time. I needed to wear a bonnet at night. All these things were taking up time and energy. Whereas now, I really don’t think about my hair and on most days I spend two minutes or less in it. I LOVE THAT and I think if my hair could talk, it would cosign on that.”

Any creative projects you’re currently working on?

“I think the question is more…what am I NOT working on. I am one of the guides of The Goddess Life Community launching in January where my focus will be Feminine Empowerment and Sensuality. I was just selected as one of the 17 performers for the 1st New York Pole Showcase happening in January.  I’m working with one of my creative muse friends on launching a new blog all about the wonderful world of powerful siren women! I’m studying & researching so as to launch an ecourse & workshop series on sexuality, sensuality & spirituality. I’m supposed to be a contributing guest editor to via The Art Initiative but I’m having challenges getting the artist to meet deadlines.  I’ve started planning C.R.E.A.T.E. 2011. It will be the second “artist retreat” that I’ve done. (The one this year ROCKED!) I’m also in the middle of working on a viral marketing campaign with a MAJOR company with my friend Hanksterchen & Denactor on youtube.  Any who, we have five cities under our belt and the project is being pitched to other markets. I can’t wait till its live and I can actually tell everyone the full details.”

What matters to you most in life right now?

“Authenticity matters most to me. Freedom, expression, and creativity rank up there too. But above all else, authenticity is of the utmost importance to me.”

Describe your beauty perspective today and what that means to you / how that ties into your daily living practices.

“I adhere to the dictionary’s definition of beauty and not our many cultural definitions of it. Beauty is a quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind via sensory manifestations, meaningful designs or something else. I don’t focus on beauty. If something pleases me, then it pleases me. I don’t attach much meaning to it but I appreciate what gives me pleasure. Beauty isn’t tied to other qualities that mean more to me such as wisdom, intellect, understanding, open mindedness and such. Beauty ties into my daily living practice in the sense that I like to experience what pleases me. So if I think a flower is beautiful, then I want to see it. Its really that simple to me. It may not be what our cultural understanding focuses on but it is what it is for me.”

Where can our readers find you on the web?

“You can find me at , TWITTER or on YOUTUBE. I use those three most often.”


  1. TheRetroNatural

    Great feature! I’m always reminded of how much I want to take a pole dance class when I visit your blog! I’m gonna start them next year, I think the funds will allow it then hehe :D

    I feel you on having to micromanage your hair, it’s kinda annoying sometimes but I do have those days where I’m glad I did! But shorter hair is so mrs would kill me if I cut it all off lol but it’s something I think I’ll do at least once in my life ;)
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