December 2, 2011

Happenings & Natural Hair Events

Happy Friday! I know it may not seem so, but it’s been a pretty hectic week around these parts. I quietly blame it on the holiday season…in between traveling home & back (6 am flights are thee worst!) to increased volume of work at the day job, I’ve been trying to keep the balance along with the sanity. This weekend will find me indulging a bit in a few Black Friday purchases that have just started to trickle in. Managed NOT to go over board this year, though scored some new goodies that have been on the ‘get’ list for a while.

Above is a sneak peak of a NEW series unveiling next week! I wanted to bring a fresh approach to the blog and thought a long time about incorporating interviews of some of our fellow naturals…but kept thinking a different spin would make it more worthwhile & interesting. “Self-Defined” felt like the right fit simply because it’s my vision of what all natural haired femmes emulate and strive for. Soooo, in the coming weeks we’ll have an introduction to a handful of ladies that truly inspire.

In the meantime, there are just a TON of awesome events strewn in between now and the end of the year to keep us not only inspired but mingling & having an awesome time with a bevy of beautiful naturals!

I’ll be in attendance next week along with fellow curlfriends & bloggers at this awesome mixer put on by Curly Girl Collective. If you missed the last event here in NYC (as did I…boo), this gathering is not to be missed! Click here or on the above link to RSVP.

Looking to make it a complete night? The Shops over at Bryant Park are hosting a SheaMoisture Hair Event sponsored by

The Shops are a great treat, and not just for the tourists that tend to overpopulate the streets, but even folks like moi who’ve grown up in these parts who genuinely look forward to sipping a hot cup of somethin on a chilly night while watching ice skaters on the makeshift pond…and Shopping! There are just sooo many lovely handmade treats to choose from, I implore you to check it out!

Now, I know many of these happenings are centralized in NY, but if you’re in the Chicago area there’s an event taking place next week put on by BGLH. For more info, check out this awesome article put together by Cassidy detailing the going’s on of natural hair events this December!

The holidays really are the busiest time of year…no doubt. But my absolute necessity is indulging in the spirit of it all. Not for nothing…but I abhor crowds, pushers and shovers who think scoring a toy at 75% off is the true meaning of the holidays. Eh…!

Happy Weekend All;)!


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