December 9, 2011

Back To Curly’s Curl Crush NYC Event Recap!!

Happy Weekend, All!! I really couldn’t wrap up this week without bringing you the awesomeness that was the Curl Crush event here in NYC this past week! Put on by the immensely inspiring team behind Curly Girl Collective, THIS really was just the start as to how natural hair femmes get down in the Big Apple! The amount of love, inspiration, SMILES, admiration, positivity that was filling up the beautiful space was pretty remarkable. The who’s how in the blogoshpere were all present & accounted for, as were many of the amazing natural hair brands and names we follow, including Dickey from Hair Rules & my favorite peeps behind Essence Streetstyle!

There’s nothing but fierceness amongst these ladies, all of whom I admire

I’m always in awe of a yummy treat and had the pleasure of sampling thee most decadent velvet cupcakes I think I’ve ever had from bakery Sydney’s Sweets. The vanilla buttercreme was…!!!

…Had fun hangin & catching up with the girls after a long day at work

Finally had the pleasure of catching up with BK Maven and blogging friend Miss Moon!

There were a ton of games and prizes to win, including the night’s themed event…speed dating!! I must admit, I was NERVOUS, lol!! Thankfully, the ladies did provide ‘cheat’ sheets to break the ice, and everyone managed to have the best time.

Dickey made it more fun by participating and answering all our questions, LOVE!!

I really didn’t get through half the night before my camera died, yet it’s safe to say I’d love nothing more than to attend another event like this one!! The benefits of attending a well put together event to celebrate the dopeness of natural hair can only be measured once you attend and experience that high level of inspiration. No. joke.

For even more pics from the event, check out Nicole’s awesome spread over at Essence Online. 

If you haven’t made plans to attend a natural meetup in the near future…do it NOW!! Do it once…but just do it!! There’s nothing like being in a room filled with enough women to keep you motivated along your natural hair journey. Huge thanks to the incredible team behind Curly Girl Collective...but most of all, besos to all the women who came out in the pouring rain to mingle, date, cheese and be each other’s source of inspiration!

5 Responses to “Back To Curly’s Curl Crush NYC Event Recap!!”

  1. Stephan Hilson

    It seems the event turned out to be a blast and fun. The yummy treats looked nice too. As a matter of fact, the cupcakes photo caught my eye. And the games appeared to fun and I wonder what kind of prizes they have too.
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  2. Chinye

    cupcakes, games, speed dating?! now THIS is what I call a natural haired get together! i’ve recently attended a few less than stellar natural hair meet-ups and have left feeling like they were all for pushing a particular brand rather than making sure that participants have a social and enjoyable experience. i love getting together, but am not a fan of simply standing around for hours, listening to product pitches then being dismissed. i love that the Curly Girl Collective incorporated games and different social activities so that attendees could mingle, break ice, and get to know each other better. but now that I think about it, New York always seems to come out with the most amazing events! i’m just so sad i’m never in town to experience them!

    like you mentioned, i believe it is important for ladies to seek out natural meet-ups in their areas because good times will always be had….however, I also believe that natural hair event planners should remember to make sure attendees have an enjoyable experience. Kudos to Curly Girl Collective!!

    • Chai

      this one was really top notch!! the problem these days is figuring out which ones to attend, lol. At the end of the day, it’s pretty awesome to have a place to go and meet with like minded ladies…the energy is so contagious.


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