November 7, 2011

Play Curls & Wash-n-Go’s Using Ouidad

Over the years I’ve developed a sort of love hate relationship with the Wash-n-Go…as evidenced here in a post written over at Curly Nikki’s blog. My feelings on the wash-n-go have for the most part remained the same since then…so much so that I decided to re-visit a few weeks ago after fighting a losing battle with a cold.

Now, as far as I’m concerned there is still one way to be natural…and that is your way. The Golden Rule …(even though I abhor rules)“Do You…” can realistically take you very far in this journey, and it’s one that has worked quite well over the years. So here’s what ‘being me’ looks like while undergoing a wash-n-go.

Typically my wash-n-go’s are done in the shower to cut back on time, especially if there are other errands on the to-do list. Using the Playcurl Conditioner worked well in this case because of the immense amount of slip. Technically it’s formulated as a volumizing conditioner, though after speaking with one of the reps from Ouidad a few months back, the #1 suggestion was to use it as a leave-in for the texture/length of Fro. Truthfully, I kind of scoffed at the idea of using a volumizing condish period, let along as a leave-in, but turns out when you’re home in bed with pretty nasty cold & Target is just too far for a PJ run down the beauty aisle…a full bottle of moisturizing conditioner is like a gift from the gods.

After cleansing Fro with the KBB shampoo bar, I added a generous amount of conditioner into four sections, then proceeded to detangle and twist. Once out of the shower I added about  a dime size amount of Ouidad’s Climate Control gel and simply allowed the hair to air dry. From start to finish, the Process took all of 1 hour, which was surprising even to me! Detangling was more of a breeze in the shower because I opted for wide toothed comb + my Denman paddle brush which works incredibly well for tangles at the end of your hair. The steady stream of water pressure from your shower will also help release any stubborn tangles.

The end result you can see in a previous post and below.

I guess you can call it the modified wash-n-go…or something. At the end of the day I was thrilled to just hop back under the covers with clean hair that turned into something pretty fancy once fully dried. The style did keep for a few days, and actually developed better in day 3-4 hair. The PlayCurl condish clumped my hair extremely well once I brushed it in using the paddle brush, and gave great definition. These days I use it for a quick co-wash, or to simply replenish moisture in the hair before shampooing or right before a final rinse. Hair remains soft…and the smell is an added bonus!

This was my first go with Ouidad products…and truthfully the only reason I opted to try was because it was part of a gift bag situation a while back….AND, the reps were incredibly friendly when fielding any questions I might’ve had (always a bonus!). The Ouidad site does have a section specifically for Kinky hair, with product recommendations, before & after pics, and even a product demo vid that I posted on the Facebook page not too far back. A woman still has her eyes on the Double Detangler though, which my girl Cassidy of Natural Selection adamantly stans behind…as do many thick manned ladies. Like, do I really need another tool to help ease the frustrations of the detangling process…..?! Well, yes. The answer is always…yes.

8 Responses to “Play Curls & Wash-n-Go’s Using Ouidad”

  1. Tiffany

    Love this idea and an hour is where it’s at. As you have the seriously thick locks, do you think this wash & go twist will dry overnight? I typically do a braidout on Sat unbraid Monday, but the fro is dryyyyyy by Thurs and I haven’t found the perfect moisturizer for the last few days of that braidout. I need a quick & easy regimen to do mid-week and this sounds like it would work. Your thoughts?

    • Chai

      I’ve done this routine a few times since 1st trying, and i’ve definitely done it mid-week without any trouble. To speed up the drying process, I try to squeeze out as much water from the hair prior to adding condish, and just top it with the Climate Control. Honestly, I twist the fro if I’m not heading out to an event or running errands, otherwise I’d leave it out to dry for a bit, or try diffusing for 5-10 minutes and the hair should be set. The Climate control works great because it seems to seal in the moisture….so making sure hair is not dripping wet prior to applying product should make things quick & easier;)

    • Chai

      Hmm…I think about 4 twists per section (…4 sections). not a lot really, just grabbed & twisted.. as far as the comment, I’m not sure…but will look into it. thanks for letting me know;)!


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