November 1, 2011

A Project of Goals…


Hellur! & welcome to the longest blog sabbatical of this young blogger’s career…or at the very least, the end of it. Here’s hoping. Technical issues aside, life obstacles aside….and a feverish bout with social media overload aside, I’ve been anxious to get back to writing and updating you guys on what’s been going on with the Fro and everything else that’s fit to blog!

There are still a handful of technical issues to resolve as far as links not opening up, or the search function on the fritz…etc *sigh*…all issues that will be handled in a matter of days, but in the meantime it felt only right to shed glorious light on the 1st of November!!

So I don’t normally get excited over the 1st of any month…but this year just might be different simply…or not simply because, it’s my birth month and the gods will have allowed me to breathe 30 insightful years on this earth. Not typically one for celebrating…so instead I made a list. A 12 before 2012 list inspired by the fab blog Modish & curated over at oh, Hello Friend.

I’m a list maker so this felt apropos, and more importantly doable! At the beginning of the year much like everyone who measures their lives by goals..etc., I made a long ass list of things I’d love to accomplish in the ’11. Granted, a lot I’ve been able to cross off with dubious satisfaction…but others I’ve only been able to shake my head and initiate side-ery.

This here list is short. Practically practical…and will teach me the art of doing something for me that will inevitably leave 12 distinct smiles on my face. Here’s hoping….

  1. Passport
  2. graciously usher in 30 years…
  3. make (and understand) a business plan
  4. read 4 more books before end of year
  5. cook a home cooked meal (including appetizer/main/dessert) from scratch
  6. invite others over to indulge in said meal
  7. give into the idea of expanding that short story
  8. bake a gluten-free bread from scratch (yeast always scares me)
  9. spend a day with 1 long-lost relative
  10. find and throw out 10 non-usefull objects in apartment (make space)
  11. Bikram (oy!)
  12. set free those creative projects and have faith (…is that 13?)

Accountability is also important…yes. So documenting..i.e. blogging about these experiences are also on the agenda. Not only do I mean business…I aim to earn all of  my 30 stripes.

Alright, so the aim was also to keep this short…but not before a brief update on le Fro! She’s been tempermental lately…so good shots are incredibly far between.

This was an uncharisterically good hair day after using a few Ouidad products. Had fun playing around with new goodies and successfully workin a wash-n-go. Deets to come.

If you guys are finding it hard to view anything on this page or subsequent pages…please bear with! In due time…new design = peace of mind:).

Anyhoot…how’s life…how’s love….is it freezing where you are yet?

8 Responses to “A Project of Goals…”

  1. Chinye

    Welcome back! Its always nice to step back, reevaluate, and to regain prespective on life – it looks like you’ve done just that! You’re list of goals seems easily attainable by the end of the year, and now I am inspired to map out my own project of goals. A major one has to do with switching the little bloggy over to a self-host, which I’ve procrastinated on long enough. Here’s to pushing through!!

  2. Margaret

    Chai, glad to see you are back. I understand about being ultra busy…believe me. Your list of goals has me thinking as well. Your hair looks lovely!!! Please share the details in using the Ouidad products. Thanks

  3. jena

    Good luck on your goals! There are a couple big ones in there! And your hair looks fantastic! I’ve always wanted to try Ouidad, have been happy with DevaCurl line for a couple years- you ever tried that?
    jena recently posted..2 down, 10 to go

    • chai

      thanks, Jena! Still haven’t tried the Deva line…but the heaven in a jar has been calling my name, might give it a try. Ouidad did not disappoint though, loved their goodies;)


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