July 26, 2011

NaturallyCurly.com Pool Party :Recap: + PICS!!

I’m not sure if many of you guys are aware of this…but thanks to the insane brains behind NaturallyCurly.com and the awesome blog, Natural Selection, natural hair meetups & events have officially been taken to a new level! First of all…to have a POOL at a HOTEL smack dab in the middle of Times Square is ballsy enough. Throw in a couple hundred curly haired fanactics with swimsuits on in 100 degree weather and you’ve created something pretty epic!

A midst a few grumblings happening on my end of the world, I hightailed it to the Curly Pool Party and was blown away by the sheer love that filled the room!

 Ouidad was reppin pretty hard with product demos, answering a ton of questions & pretty much convincing moi to invest in the Double Detangler!

So many of our favorite brands where there, including the kind folks of SheaMoisture! Samples of their Body Scrubs went like hot cakes! They smell soooo good!

The lovely Cassadie and Michelle of NaturallyCurly.com welcoming all to the party

Ladies with natural hair actually IN the pool…Word?! Lol, the ladies had a ton of fun, AND there was a walk up BAR!

Loved her Hair!!

Hair Rules Creator Dickey answering questions. All the Brands were very recepetive and open to all the attendees…love it!

Ran into the always inspiring Sheena of Sociology of Sheena…those earrings!

Jane Carter & her Husband were on hand styling and making everyone feel so welcome

Whew! Okay, while this is pic heavy I’m sure you want to see more! Check out even more snaps over at the NaturallyCurly FB page as well as from my girl Cassadie over at Natural Selection! My fingers (and toes) are crossed for even MORE events like this one here in NYC! Thankfully though, we might not have to wait too long…a HUGE congrats to Cassadie on her new position of GLOBAL EDITOR of NaturallyCurly.com! If you’re a natural hair event junkie (like I tend to be) stay up to date on all the natural hair fun by visiting their site. Next Up is the CurlyNikki & Kim Coles Grow Out Challenge event happening August 13 in L.A. If you’re in the area, you won’t want to miss it;))!

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  1. Miss Moon's Musings

    I had such a blast at the pool party! It was great waving at you like a five year old from the pool! LMAO

    Are you going to KBB’s Anniversary Party next month?!?

    • chai

      aww, same here! Might swing by the KBB party, still have to decide which cocktail time to RSVP…but yep;)


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